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Calendar Configuration

The calendar configuration file is responsible for defining the properties of the overall schedule container.


This is where the calendar title is defined that the user sees, along with the web name parameter that is passed on the URL to indicate which schedule to load and display to the end user.



All the following properties must be included in the configuration file, even if they are not used.  Properties that are not used should be set to the blank string "".


Property Description

A unique identifier comprised of an alpha-numeric string.

Example: "changes"


The name displayed at the top of the calendar page.

Example: "Change Calendar"


The value used in the "webname" URL parameter to identify the calendar.  This value must be unique across all calendars.

Example: "changes"


A description for the calendar indicating what type of information the calendar will display.  This value is displayed in the calendar listing page.

Example: "Displays all changes for company XYZ"


Indicates whether the calendar is active or inactive.  If the calendar is inactive, it cannot be viewed.

Example: "Active"


The color that will be used in the summary row to indicate events exist during the time slot.  The summary row compounds events from all rows below it.  Can be any valid css color name or hex color value.

Example: "#dd0000"


The number of segments each hour/day is divided into.  A value of 4 will have three tick marks at 15 minute intervals.  A value of 3 will have two tick marks at 20 minute intervals.

Example: "4"


Not used.

May set to blank string - ""


Not used.

May set to blank string - ""


Defines the number of days to display on initial page load, by indicating the view range - day, week, or month.

Example: "day"


The JSP used to render the calendar.  A default theme is supplied with the installation war, and should be used if no custom themes have been developed.  Changing the JSP page allows for changes to corporate branding, language settings, etc...

Example: "themes/default/jsp/main_en.jsp"


The character encoding used when sending the response to the browser.  This value should always be "UTF-8".

Example: "UTF-8"


Indicates whether the schedule is visible to end users in the root index page.  Valid values are "true" or "false".  Schedules that are not visible are still accessible, they just do not show up in the index page.

Example: "true"


If defined, allows an action to take place when a user clicks an open time slot on the calendar.

Please see the click handlers configuration page for more details.


Not used, may set to null.  If used, must be an ISO8601 formatted date string.



Example: "2013-07-17T16:33:06-0500"


Not used.

May set to blank string - ""


Not used, may set to null.  If used, must be an ISO8601 formatted date string.



Example: "2013-07-17T16:33:06-0500"


Not used.

May set to blank string - ""


Sample Calendar Configuration File


    "calendar": {
        "uuid": "tickets",
        "name": "Site Tickets",
        "webname": "tickets",
        "description": "Tickets by Site",
        "summaryColor": "yellow",
        "visibility": "",
        "status": "Active",
        "acl": "",
        "defaultView": "day",
        "defaultPage": "themes/default/jsp/main_en.jsp",
        "encoding": "UTF-8",
        "visibleInListing": "false",
        "clickHandler": {
            "type": "url",
            "callback": "",
            "target": "_blank",
            "showDialogFirst": "false",
            "startTimeParameter": "startTime",
            "parameters": [
                    "name": "resourceId",
                    "value": "{{sourceMapKey}}"
                    "name": "eventType",
                    "value": "{{sourceMapDatasourceValuesKeyId}}"
                    "name": "duration",
                    "value": "60"
        "createdAt": null,
        "createdBy": "",
        "modifiedAt": null,
        "modifiedBy": ""