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BMC ARS Adapter

The BMC Remedy ARS Adapter is used to retrieve data from a BMC Remedy server.


  • BMC Remedy server version 7.0 or higher


Adapter Configuration

The following properties are required for all adapters.


Property Description

Any alpha-numeric value is acceptable, but should indicate this is an ARS adapter.

Example: "ars"


The value of the main adapter class file.  This will be a unique value specific to the adapter.

Value: "com.kineticdata.schedule.adapter.ars.ArsAdapter"


Example Adapters Configuration File

    "adaptersConfig": {
        "adapters": [
                "name": "ars",
                "className": "com.kineticdata.schedule.adapter.ars.ArsAdapter"


Connection Configuration

The following properties are required for all connections, regardless of what type of adapter is used.  If the value for that property is not used by the adapter, the property must still exist in the configuration file.  The value for the property should be set to the blank string ("") if it is not used.


Property Description

The name of the connection that will be used in data source configuration files that use this connection.  Should be a name that correlates the adapter and server.

Example: "ars-server"


The value that was entered as the "name" property for the ArsAdapter in the adapters configuration file.

Example: in the adapter configuration example above, the value would be "ars"


A description of the connection.  This is not seen by the end users, it is simply a way to describe what Remedy server this connection interacts with.

Example: "Remedy server"


The name or IP address of the Remedy server to connect with.

Example: ""


The Remedy Login ID used to connect to the Remedy server.

Example: "Demo"


The password that corresponds to the Remedy Login ID.  This value can be entered as plain-text or encrypted with the Password Encryption form.

Example: ""


Indicates if the password is stored in plain-text or encrypted form.

"true" if encrypted, "false" if plain-text


The additional parameters that are specific to the BMC Remedy ARS Adapter are all required.


Property Description

The number of simultaneous API threads allowed to connect to the Remedy server.  Should use the default value.

Default: "80"


The TCP port the Remedy server is listening on.  If the Remedy server has Port Mapper enabled, use "0".

Default: "0"


The RPC port used to connect to the Remedy server.  This is useful if private RPC ports have been configured on the Remedy server.  Otherwise use the default "0".

Default: "0"


The authentication string to use when authenticating the user credentials.  If the server does not require an authentication string, use the blank string ("").

Default: ""


Example Connector Configuration File

    "connection": {
        "name": "ars-server",
        "type": "ars",
        "description": "Remedy Server",
        "location": "",
        "username": "Demo",
        "password": "",
        "useEncryption": "false",
        "additionalParameters": [
                "name": "maxConnections",
                "value": "80"
                "name": "arsPort",
                "value": "0"
                "name": "arsRpc",
                "value": "0"
                "name": "arsAuth",
                "value": ""