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Using Scoring in Kinetic Survey

How to use scoring in Kinetic Survey


Scoring is one of the main reasons customers purchase Kinetic Survey. It can provide a valuable metric for everything from customer satisfaction to counting the number of widgets that were ordered.

There are two answer types that can record a score, Numeric Range, and List. The score of a question will only ever be an integer. 

Numeric Range is the most straight forward. Whatever the range of the answer is the score. For example, if your range is 1 - 5, your score can only be 1 through 5.

List offers the option to set independant score values by the individual list value. For example you may want one of your questions to have more "weight" that others. Instead of 1 through 5 it could be set to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 as the scale.

Screenshot of List answer type:

Answer Type List.jpg

The second major part of scoring is the total score, and the percentage of total possible.

Total score is simply the total of all answers that have a score associated with them. It is stored and displayed as an attribute of the individual survey or request.

Percentage of total possible can be a little trickier to calculate. Only questions that were answered are included when the total percentage is computed. For example, if you have five questions (scale of 1 to 10) that could be scored if answered, and only one of them was answered (score of 8) then your percentage is 80%. To further complicate this, you can require questions, but then have an option of n/a - which means the question is still not included in the total possible score.


Here is a screen shot of our sample Customer Satisfaction Survey:


The four questions in the middle are scored from zero to four, making the maximum (because all questions are required) score 16.

Here is a sample results from one submission of the survey.


On the far right it shows the score for each question that has one, and the Score, Possible Score and Score % are on the to the right of the table.

The Overall Satisfaction question does have a score listed for each question, but it is zero for each option, so it will never make a difference for the Score or total possible. If you want to give this question a score value, but not have it calculated into the total, there is a check box (labeled 'Do Not Score') on the validation tab of the Question dialog that excludes a question from scoring calculations.