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Using Kinetic Task with Kinetic Survey

Kinetic Task is a process engine that can be added to nearly any software application. While well known for working with Kinetic Request it is an easy few steps to make it work with Kinetic Survey. **NOTE** Adding Kinetic Task to Kinetic Survey is a Paid upgrade. Please contact a sales person for more details - **ANOTHER NOTE** Minimum Version of Kinetic Survey is 5.1.1. Minimum Version of Kinetic Task is 3.0


Connecting Kinetic Task to Kinetic Survey is a two step process.

  1. Import a def file to your exiting Kinetic Survey install.
  2. Import a new data record (adds an attribute to a survey template)

More details attached at the bottom of this article or click here.

Once the install is complete you are able to create task trees and connect survey templates to them.

Basic steps to use the task engine with Kinetic Survey (more details in the attachment or click here).

  1. Create a new task tree through the task manager consoles
  2. Add the tree name to the correct attribute (Task Tree Name) on the settings tab.

You will also need to configure the Kinetic Survey Source on the Source Roots tab of the Sources page in the Task Admin Consoles. This allows you to use answers directly from your survey templates just like in Kinetic Request.

Screenshot of Sources tab.



A common examples for using Kinetic Task with Kinetic Survey is the ability to re-open tickets based on feedback from the customer.

There are a few different ways to express this on a survey (low score to certain questions) but we will use the most common, a simple Reopen Ticket? question with a Yes|No option.

The task tree will always fire when the survey is submitted, but there will be a check on the first connector based on the Reopen Ticket? question.

Example Task Tree


For more information on creating task trees check the documentation relating to your version of Kinetic Task.