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Page Branching Documentation - Survey

A customer asked if we had a way to display the Page Branching options, per Survey, in a graphical view.  Therefore a new Crystal Report was built in order to display the requested information.


The Page Branching - Survey report will display each page in the Survey along the following Branching Descriptions:



Next Page

If a there is no configured Page Branching options then the report will display "No Page Branching Defined".

To add this report into your environment please take the following steps:

1) Save the Page Branching - Survey.rpt file to your Desktop or any other location that you like.

2) Open Remedy|Kinetic Survey Author Console.

3) Click on the Report Manager link (located on the left side of the screen).

4) Click on the New Report Button.

5) Populate the following values:

Report Name:  Page Branching - Survey

Report Type:  Crystal

Report Set Name:  Page Branching - Survey

Form Name:  KS_SRV_ContentsElementHTML

Report Description:  This report displays the Page Branching Options for the selected Survey

Qualification:  'SurveyInstanceID' = $SurveyInstanceID$ AND 'Element_Type' = "Page"

6) Right Click in the Table field on the lower right corner of the screen.

7) Select Add.

8) Navigate to the Page Branching.rpt file saved in Step 1 and click Open.

9) Press the Save button.

10) Press the Close Button.

Once all ten steps are completed you can run this report against any Survey in your Remedy environment.


I have run this report against a Survey which contains multiple pages.  Some of the pages have Page Branching configured while others do not.  I have attached a copy of the report below (page branching - survey.pdf) for your review.