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List Manager Import


Use the Remedy Import Tool to create a list fro the List Manager


The List Manager is a great way to send a survey to a group of people that may not be related in Remedy. Normally, you would add people one at a time for your list. If you have a very large group to add however, you can use the List Manager Import form to import a list from a CSV file or other valid file type.


1. Create your list.

Ideally your list should exist before adding members to it. You can easily create a Simple List using the instructions in the following article - List Manager

2. Test a single List Member.

You are importing into the form KS_SRV_List_Manager_Import. Open this form in New Request mode and complete the following fields

List Name. Name of the List created in Step 1.

Category. Category the List was put in when it was created.

Contact Value. Email Address of the Member

All the other fields are optional. However, First and Last Name are always recommended.

3. Test to make sure your List Member is correct. If it is proceed to step 4. If not, check a couple of things.

Check you list name. Make sure that you do not have any typos.

Refresh the list table from the list manager page.

4. Create your File.

Step 2 lists the required fields. The other fields available:

Company ID. Company Identifier besides Company Name.

Company Name. Name of company or organization.

Contact ID. Contact identifier besides email or name.

First Name. First name of the contact.

Last Name. Last name of the contact.

5. Import using the Data Import Tool.

Make sure to map the Required fields from Step 2.