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Importing Data from External Sources for Surveys

How to create targeted surveys based on data that is not available in or held in Remedy.


Kinetic Survey normally requires all of the information for a survey to be held within Remedy. However, sometimes this isn't possible, or the data is spread across many forms.

Included in the application is a specific form that you can enter data into and have a survey sent. The form is called KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_ImportExport. Do not change the default settings.

The only thing required on the form is the information about the customer that you are sending the survey to, and any attributes that you want to include - Name, Company, and any of the generic attribute fields.

After collecting the data that you need. There are three final steps - the same as any other survey.

Create your survey template. This is no different than any other survey.

Create a message template(s). Again, this is done the same as any other survey.

Create a trigger on the Sources tab to integrate your survey template to the Import/Export form. We recommend that you put a unique value in one of the attribute fields to be used in the trigger qualification. This ensures that other data in the form entered after you will not try and trigger your survey.

Now you control when the surveys are sent, by controlling when the data is imported in the Import/Export form.