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Can Kinetic Survey be used as a Self Help Tool?

Using Kinetic Survey as a Self Help Tool.


Let's jump in and use Kinetic Survey as a Self Help Tool.  We will be building Questions and then based on those Answers we will show a possible solution.  If the solution doesn't actually fix the problem we can provide other possible solutions.  Also in order to determine if the Self Help is actually being used and for continual improvement I have built a Self Help Satisfaction Survey on page two. 

A really nice feature of using Kinetic Survey as a Self Help Tool is because when the end user presses the Next button to move to page 2 a record is created into Kinetic Survey's background Remedy form(s).  Therefore you will be able to run reports based on this Survey in order to determine how often this is being used and if the solution actually fixed the problem.  You would also be able to tell management some like, Kinetic Survey as a Self Help Tool has solved X number of issues a month.  Therefore we saved X number of calls to the Helpdesk.


The Self Help Survey I have designed deals with Internet Connection Problems.  The Survey first asks for the end users Operation System.  In this case it is either Windows7 or Vista. 


Depending on the answer to this question I use Insert/Remove Events to display a possible solution.  Note for Windows7 there is a built in troubleshooter so that path is simple.  However, for Vista there are three possible paths for fixing the problem.  Therefore at each path I ask the question "Are you now able to access the Internet?"  If the Answer is Yes then no more potential solutions are displayed.  If the Answer is No then another solution is presented.







The end user is now ready to move onto the next page as their problem has been resolved.  Of course we also want to keep track of the number of times this Self Help Survey is used and also capture any feedback the end user is willing to provide.  Therefore on Page 2 I have included a simple Customer Satisfaction Survey.



I have exported and attached a copy of the Self Help Internet Connection Problems Survey to this article.  Please feel free to download and import it into your environment.  Note that this Survey will be added to the SYSTEM_DEFAULTS Category.