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Business Objects Universe - Kinetic Survey

This page will help you determine which Kinetic Survey forms can be used to build your Business Objects Universe.


Attached to this page are the following ERDs:

  1. KineticSurvey_CustomerSurvey_ER.png - Customer Submission Data (Base and Answers).
  2. KineticSurvey_Template_ER.png - Template Information (templates (or Kinetic forms) meta-data).
  3. KineticSurvey_Universe_ER.pdf - Survey Information for a Universe design.

For the creation of the Universe you will want to connect the Customers Answers (1) with the Template Information (3).  This connection will provide the specific details of the Survey (Answers to specific Questions).



As an example we will use a Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Note - In the table fields listed below the Database Names are listed on the 2nd line of the 1st row.

The Survey Definition information would be (KS_SRV_SurveyTemplate):




Template Id


Customer Satisfaction Survey KS0050563f776etP7LtgEO-vAAxgNx77


The Base information would be (KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base) would be (connected to the Template information via GUID):

KS_SRV_SurveyTemplate.instanceId = KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base.Survey_Instnace_ID


Survey ID





(First_Name + Last_Name)





KSR000005 6/8/12 John Sundberg Kinetic Data Examples Customer Satisfaction Survey


The Answer information (KS_SRV_SurveyAnswer) would be (connected to the Base information via GUID):

KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base.instanceId = KS_SRV_SurveyAnswer.CustomerSurveyInstanceID


Survey ID


Question ID




KSR000005 q123456 Very Satisfied
KSR000005 q123457 Neutral
KSR000005 q123458 Satisfied
KSR000005 q123459 None.  I am happy with the results.


The Question information (KS_SRV_SurveyQuestion) would be (connected to Answer information via Question ID):

Note - You will need to get the survey id of the Survey and then connect that to the Question ID.

KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base.Survey_Instance ID = KS_SRV_SurveyQuestion.SurveyInstanceID AND

KS_SRV_SurveyAnswer.Question_Instance ID = KS_SRV_SurveyQuestion.instanceId


Question ID




q123456 The speed in which your call was answered
q123457 The tone, politeness, and professionalism of the agent
q123458 The communication and language skills of the agent
q123459 Suggestions to Improve


By building a Business Objects Universe using these forms your users will be able to build reports that display data from Kinetic Survey.