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Example Surveys

Example Surveys for Kinetic Survey

The new install for Kinetic Survey does not include any of the examples available with previous versions. Those examples are available here. Our hope is to offer a wider variety of examples to give you an idea what the product is capable of.

Two survey templates are included, a basic customer satisfaction survey, and a basic script survey.

Importing the Examples

The examples are included as attachments to this article. They are independant, so you can import one or both. 

To import the survey templates use the following steps.

  1. Download the attachment from this article
  2. Open The Web Admin Console from the Configuration Manager console and click on the Import tab
  3. Choose the file from step 1 and click the import button

If you want to integrate the survey template to one of your Remedy forms (we suggest one of our examples), you will need to follow the instructions in our integration guide - Kinetic SR Integration Guide

The Customer Satisfaction survey comes with an integration built to the KS_SAMPLE_Incident form. However, you will need to update the workflow per the integration guide.

The Example Script comes with an integratin to the KS_SRV_IntegrationSample form, and that integration should be in place on the Category drop-down field. Check the trigger in the Sources tab.