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IMPORTANT - Product End of Life Statement - IMPORTANT

Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Use the instructions and links below to dowload and install Kinetic Request/Survey v5.1.2, or to upgrade an existing Kinetic Request/Survey system to v5.1.2. Note: Kinetic Request and Kinetic Survey use the same files and follow the same installation/upgrade procedure.  The information provided below applies to both applications.


Remedy AR Server v7.0.0 or greater
Web Application Server

Java Servlet Container (Servlet spec 2.4, JSP spec 2.0)

  • Examples
    • Tomcat 5.5+

    • WebSphere 7.0+ 

    • WebLogic 9.0+

Java Java 1.6.0 or greater - either 32-bit or 64-bit
Architecture Click for Architecture Requirements


For a new install, download the full installation package.  The zip file contains a Windows executable that can be used to automate the process.  If you do not have access to a Windows machine with the ability to connect to your Remedy server, the zip file also contains the Remedy definition files, Remedy data files, and web application files necessary for a manual installation. 

If Kinetic Request will be installed on a Java EE web application server other than Apache Tomcat, you will also need to download the upgrade package, which includes Java EE web archives specific for those servers.

For complete installation instructions, see the Kinetic Request Installation Guide.


The 5.1.2 upgrade requires that Kinetic Request is currently at version 5.1.1.  If you are on a version prior to 5.1.1, see the appropriate sections below for instructions on how to upgrade your system to 5.1.1 before continuing.

Upgrading From 5.1.1

NOTE: If installing into a 7.6 or greater version of Remedy, you MUST set to Base Development mode using BMC Developer Studio.

  1. Download and unzip the upgrade package.


Remedy Workflow and Data

  1. Use a Remedy Administrator or BMC Developer Studio tool to import the ARS/kineticSR_v5.1.1_to_v5.1.2_changes.def ARS definitions file into your Remedy system.  Be sure to chose the option to "Replace Objects on the Destination Server" when importing.


Web Application - Using Tomcat as an example

Upgrade Kinetic Request

  1. Update the Core Web Application
    1. Stop the Tomcat service
    2. BACKUP your existing kinetic directory located at <tomcat>/webapps/kinetic.
    3. Copy the Web/apps/kinetic.war file from the extracted upgrade package into the <tomcat>/webapps directory.  If you are using WebSphere or WebLogic, instead use the .war/.ear file in the associated subdirectory, which includes configuration items specific to those servers.
    4. Clear the cached JSP files.
      For Tomcat, delete the entire <tomcat>/work/Catalina/localhost/kinetic directory.
    5. Delete the existing web application located at <tomcat>/webapps/kinetic.
    6. Restart Tomcat and the web application archive will automatically deploy.
    7. Log into the Admin Console and configure the necessary properties.  The default web admin account is admin/admin.  The Admin Console's address will be like http://<webserver>:<port>/kinetic/AdminConsole


Upgrade the Kinetic ARS Bridge (If you are using the Kinetic ARS Bridge)

  1. Stop the Tomcat service if running.
  2. Copy the Web/apps/kineticArsBridge.war file from the extracted upgrade package to the <tomcat>/webapps directory of the Tomcat server that will be running the Bridge.
  3. Restart Tomcat and the web application archive will automatically deploy.
  4. Log into the Admin Console and configure the properties.  The default bridge admin account is admin/admin.   The Admin Console's address will be like http://<webserver>:<port>/kineticArsBridge/AdminConsole



Hot Fixes

HotFix 1

2616 - Fixes a NPE that sometimes occurs when submitting pages with a checkbox question, and then immediately display in Review Request.

2617 - Fixes a possible XSS issue when injecting script into certain parameter values.


HotFix 2

Reduces the number of Remedy API calls resulting in improved performance, especially in high latency networks.



Bug Fixes

2544 - Remove extra trailing space from Default/Dynamic Text
2539 - On page load, the ClientManager.initElements function will break if the JSP doesn't contain a pageID element
2534 - Increase the template name field to 95 characters, and the question editor label field to 255 characters
2528 - The answer RPC port is not being used when creating answers
2525 - Review request is slow when there are a lot of template attributes
2524 - Bridges will fail to load and actually cause the application initialization to fail if Remedy is not available when the application loads
2519 - Attachments are being dropped during import, clone, and copy existing element by section
2518 - Radio and selection list questions cannot be modified after original answer submissions
2513 - Kinetic Bridge objects become unlinked when a bridge model name is changed
2512 - Wrong permissions on the Fire Create Tasks field on KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base form
2509 - Workflow that pushes modified answers to the audit form uses SUBSTRC instead of SUBSTR
2507 - Max Number of Characters is not clearing
2495 - Field Mappings and Answer Mappings are set to the empty string instead of $NULL$
2451 - Menu for bridge request qualifications allows for answers on previous pages, but these are not supported by bridge requests