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IMPORTANT - Product End of Life Statement - IMPORTANT

Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Use the instructions and links below to dowload and install Kinetic Request/Survey v5.1.1, or to upgrade an existing Kinetic Request/Survey system to v5.1.1. Note: Kinetic Request and Kinetic Survey use the same files and follow the same installation/upgrade procedure.  The information provided below applies to both applications.


Remedy AR Server v7.0.0 or greater
Web Application Server

Java Servlet Container (Servlet spec 2.4, JSP spec 2.0)

  • Examples
    • Tomcat 5.5+

    • WebSphere 7.0+ 

    • WebLogic 9.0+

Java Java 1.6.0 or greater - either 32-bit or 64-bit
Architecture Click for Architecture Requirements


For a new install, download the full installation package.  The zip file contains a Windows executable that can be used to automate the process.  If you do not have access to a Windows machine with the ability to connect to your Remedy server, the zip file also contains the Remedy definition files, Remedy data files, and web application files necessary for a manual installation. 

If Kinetic Request will be installed on a Java EE web application server other than Apache Tomcat, you will also need to download the upgrade package, which includes Java EE web archives specific for those servers.

For complete installation instructions, see the Kinetic Request Installation Guide.


The 5.1.1 upgrade requires that Kinetic Request is currently at version 5.1.0.  If you are on a version prior to 5.1.0, see the appropriate sections below for instructions on how to upgrade your system to 5.1.0 before continuing.

Upgrading From 5.1.0

NOTE: If installing into a 7.6 or greater version of Remedy, you MUST set to Base Development mode using BMC Developer Studio.

  1. Download and unzip the upgrade package.

Remedy Workflow and Data

  1. Use a Remedy Administrator or BMC Developer Studio tool to import the ARS/kineticSR_v5.1.0_to_v5.1.1_changes.def ARS definitions file into your Remedy system.  Be sure to chose the option to "Replace Objects on the Destination Server" when importing.
  2. Use a Remedy Administrator or BMC Data Import tool to import the Data/KS_ACC_Menu.arx ARS data file into the KS_ACC_Menu form on your Remedy system.

Web Application - Using Tomcat as an example

Upgrade Kinetic Request

  1. Update the Core Web Application
    1. Stop the Tomcat service
    2. BACKUP your existing kinetic directory located at <tomcat>/webapps/kinetic.
    3. Copy the Web/apps/kinetic.war file from the extracted upgrade package into the <tomcat>/webapps directory.  If you are using WebSphere or WebLogic, instead use the .war/.ear file in the associated subdirectory, which includes configuration items specific to those servers.
    4. Clear the cached JSP files.
      For Tomcat, delete the entire <tomcat>/work/Catalina/localhost/kinetic directory.
    5. Delete the existing web application located at <tomcat>/webapps/kinetic.
    6. Restart Tomcat and the web application archive will automatically deploy.
    7. Log into the Admin Console and configure the necessary properties.  The default web admin account is admin/admin.  The Admin Console's address will be like http://<webserver>:<port>/kinetic/AdminConsole
  2. Update Themes
    1. Copy any custom themes or resources from the backup of your old kinetic directory into the respective locations inside the new web application directory (typically this only requires that the contents of the kinetic/themes be copied).
    2. Check for any themes that have a file named core/framework/models/ArsBase.jspf and replace with the attached ArsBase.jspf file.
    3. Check for any themes that contain a file named common/interface/callbacks/arsTable.json.jsp and replace with the attached arsTable.json.jsp file.
    4. Check for any theme packages that contain a file named <themename>/packages/<packagename>/interface/callbacks/dataTablesSubmissions.json.jsp and replace with the attached dataTablesSubmissions.json.jsp file.
    5. Since the Remedy API was upgraded to v8.0, any references to the Remedy v7.0 API need to be changed.  Using a text editor that allows you to search all files in a directory:
      1. Search and replace any instances of "com.remedy.arsys" with "com.bmc.arsys"
      2. Search and replace any instances of "ARException" with "Exception"
  3. Update External Authenticator (SSO) (If a custom external authenticator is used)
    1. Since the Remedy API was upgraded to v8.0, any code references to the Remedy v7.0 classes must be changed to reference the Remedy v8.0 classes.  If any changes were made, the code will need to be recompiled against the Remedy 8.0 API jar.

Upgrade the Kinetic ARS Bridge (If you are using the Kinetic ARS Bridge)

  1. Stop the Tomcat service if running.
  2. Copy the Web/apps/kineticArsBridge.war file from the extracted upgrade package to the <tomcat>/webapps directory of the Tomcat server that will be running the Bridge.
  3. Restart Tomcat and the web application archive will automatically deploy.
  4. Log into the Admin Console and configure the properties.  The default bridge admin account is admin/admin.   The Admin Console's address will be like http://<webserver>:<port>/kineticArsBridge/AdminConsole

Hot Fixes

HotFix 1

2495 - Field and Answer mappings are set to a blank string instead of $NULL$ when a question is not answered.



HotFix 2

2518 - Radio and Selection list questions do not allow answers to be changed once they are submitted.


HotFix 3

2616 - Fixes a NPE that sometimes occurs when submitting pages with a checkbox question, and then immediately display in Review Request.

2617 - Fixes a possible XSS issue when injecting script into certain parameter values.



Features / Enhancements

2395 - Add the originatingId_Display property to the CustomerSurvey bean
2302 - Add the menu label field to the KS_SRV_QuestionAnswerJoin form
2293 - Update ArsHelpers to v3.0.0 to use the Remedy 8.0 API (pure Java)
2292 - Update Kinetic Bridges to v1.0.1
2291 - Update the Kinetic Ars Bridge Adapter to v2.0.0
2270 - Add Reply To option to Message Templates
2256 - Add the NextPageInstanceID field up to the KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey form
2274 - Add a configuration property to set the location of the log directory
1939 - Add imageElementLayer as a predefined CSS class

Bug Fixes

2400 - Fix the file link on attachment questions when in Review Request
2488 - Triggers for 'Create' trees sometimes get created and executed before the base record is committed to the database
2486 - Dynamic List selection value with a quotation mark breaks in review request
2485 - When submitting an approval that uses the same template as the original submission, answer mappings are overwriting values that were pushed from the approval task
2480 - Cloning a question that uses a bridge for the Advanced Default does not retain the proper bridge information
2478 - Creating New Task Trees in a specific situation modifies the trees so that you're opening the wrong one.
2469 - Modifying the Status of a Task Tree will make changes to other Tasks in the same service item
2467 - Cloning a service item generates a new (cloned) Task Tree with the same source group as the original
2466 - Cloning of checkbox questions inside of a section creates duplicate checkbox children questions
2438 - Review Pages are displayed out of order if the pages were answered in a different order than the page sort orders
2427 - Specific Characters in Qualification break Events - FLD
2425 - Attachments for approvals are not downloadable
2422 - Required attachment questions do not apply the answerAttachment class to the input element.
2405 - Bridge Manager throws errors on system with no unqualified searches
2402 - Cannot launch an approval service item in mid-tier from the submission manager's "View Approval" button
2399 - After setting a date/time question value, the seconds, minutes, and hours values get displayed on the URL after submitting the page
2392 - New selection values that were added to an overlay cannot be selected
2387 - Remedy Keywords cannot be mapped in old-style task field mappings
2386 - Workflow for Attribute Bug not included in packing list of 5.1.0 application
2385 - Using Set Fields - External event to set a Date/Time question from another Date/Time question fails
2372 - The template export process builds up the zip file URL as a fully qualified URL instead of a relative URL.
2371 - Time set to Midnight after Task Mapping
2370 - Dates not translated correctly in Old Task Engine
2369 - Copy to Archive and Delete from Source
2365 - Installer still requires a JDK, but the web server was updated to Tomcat 6 which only requires a JRE.
2344 - On Submission Manager Send New Button requires Advanced permissions
2341 - Review pages not loading in IE9
2333 - The AR Login name is dropped from the user context when the user is redirected to the Force Password Change service item.
2319 - Timezone filter munges query parameter string by replacing the & between multiple parameters with &
2318 - Error when saving a field mapping in the old task engine
2316 - If the default log file cannot be created, the admin console will not load
2315 - Submit fails if the session has timed out.
2314 - Fields on Overlays not available with Dynamic list
2311 - Cannot Update a Web Server on a Survey/Service Item using Mid-Tier
2306 - Import/Export issue
2304 - InstanceID is not being set automatically on the KS_SRV_Helper form
2303 - Non-Admin Users cannot update records in KS_SRV_Helper
2300 - Receive Error Attempting to Add/Modify Attribute Type Through Configuration Manager in Mid-Tier
2298 - Have seen the template export process fail due to class loader issues loading the ARXMLMapping.xml file
2297 - Bridge Manager Dialog Misspelling
2287 - New Line characters in custom events aren't being handled when using KURL
2286 - Simple data request fails when the Remedy database field name ends with a space
2284 - Bridge application parameters used in bridge qualifications are all translated
2283 - Can't Save a Datset Mapping from the Integration Manager Dialog
2282 - Kinetic Cloner does not function on WebLogic
2280 - Can't open Bridge Manager on a server that doesn't allow unqualified searches
2278 - Advanced search qualification in Survey Submission Console
2277 - On the Survey & Request Manager Consoles some links on the left nav panel have no permissions
2276 - Error When Clicking on the Add Attachment Button on the Attachment Type dialog
2273 - Answers are automatically truncated to 4000 characters.
2265 - When clearing out a Model Attribute Mapping you get an error stating that the 'field_mapping' field is required
2263 - Creation of the ContentEvent record for a review request page does not work in 5.1
2261 - Submission lock should not be available for Kinetic Survey
2260 - When Deleting the only question that uses a specific list the list name and options are not deleted from the Survey/Service Item
2259 - Wrong image on style dialog for pages
2258 - Date/Time Questions cause Stack Overflow error
2251 - Review Page with questions throws exception and the page won't load
2250 - Date and Date/Time questions do not always trigger the change event when the value is changed
2249 - A NullPointerException can be thrown if the service item does not have any dataset entries
2075 - Add New Tree dialog in MidTier is too large