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Chapter Seven - Survey Reporting

Explanation of the included reports and how to use them.

Survey Reporting

Update for Version 5.2:

Based on the move away from Crystal Reports in Remedy and use of other tools for reporting, the Reports tab is hidden by default.

If you want to use the built in reports, you need to set a Configuration Value first.

  1. Click on the Configuration link on the Service catalog Console
  2. Click on the Configuration Items tab
  3. Select and open the Configuration Type: Display Reports
  4. Set the Configuration Value to Yes
  5. Save and Close the Configuration and Configuration Items dialogs

Example of settings:


Kinetic Survey comes with a number of reports created to view survey results in various forms.  These are Crystal Reports using the Remedy Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver.  Using the Crystal Reports Developer tool (licensed separately), customize or copy these reports as needed.  This chapter includes the following procedures:

  • Setting Up the Report ServerBefore running reports, verify that a Report Server is correct.
  • Running Reports―To run reports, follow this procedure.

Setting Up the Report Server

So that Kinetic Survey can access its reports, you must establish the report server using the Remedy toolbar functions, for each user. 

Note:  If you are using a preference server, this information is updated automatically.

Set up the Report Server User Tool:

1.     From the Remedy toolbar, select Tools.

2.     Select Options.

3.     Select the Advanced tab.

4.     In the Reports section of the Advanced tab, in the Report Server field, verify or type the name of the server on which the reports are stored.  If you do not know your report server name, see your Remedy adminsitrator.

5.     Be sure to check the ODBC Use Underscores option.  All Kinetic Survey reports use this option and will not function without this checked.

user prefs for reporting.JPG


Running Reports

Running reports can be done in two ways.  Running reports from the Reports tab on the Survey Manager Console will run reports specific to the Survey Template you are working with.

Running a report from the Global Reporting Dialog allows users to run reports across surveys.

To access the Survey Manager Console, see Accessing the Survey .

Run a Report:

1.     Access the Survey Author Console.

2.     Highlight the name of the survey template.

3.     In the Survey Template Details section of the screen, select the Reports tab.  The list of reports appears.

4.     Highlight the name of the report to run.

A description of that report appears along with a thumbnail of the report.

5.     Click Run Report.  The report will run against all of the survey responses for the highlighted survey.

Advanced Report Console

The Advanced Report Console allows users to run the standard reports but with additional parameters. 

Open Advanced Report Console-Global

1.     Access the Survey Author Console.

2.     From the left column, select Global Reporting.

3.     The Advanced Report Console displays.

Open Advanced Report Console –Selected Survey Template

1.     Access the Survey Author Console.

2.     Highlight the name of the survey template.

3.     In the Survey Template Details section of the screen, select the Reports tab.  The list of reports appears.

4.     Highlight the name of the report to run.

A description of that report appears along with a thumbnail of the report.

5.     Click Advanced Run.

6.     The Advanced Report Console appears.


Figure: Advanced Report Console

advanced run.JPG

Using the Advanced Report Console

The Advanced Report Console has a number of features and options.  This section is designed to explain what each is for and how to use them.

The following table lists all of the fields and buttons on the console with a brief description of each one.

Table: Rules for Integrations

Field Name



This field is always pre-populated with “Kinetic Survey” when the console is opened.


If this field is pre-populated, it cannot be changed.  If it is not then you can select a Survey category from the drop-down menu. 

Report Name

If this field is pre-populated, it cannot be changed.  If it is not then you can select a Report from the drop-down menu.

Select Existing Qualification button

Opens the Saved Search dialog window, which allows you to select a saved search qualification for the current report.

Field 1 – Field 5

Select any field from the form that this report uses from the drop-down menu.


Select one of the following values from the drop-down menu:


= (equal)

!= (not equal)

> (greater than)

< (less than)

>= (greater than or equal)

<= (less than or equal)


Enter any value that you want to compare the field to.  If you leave this field blank it will consider the field to be null

Start Date

This field is only available if the report you are using is set up to use a date range when running the report.  The option is set up when creating a report using the Report Manager.  When using this field, enter the beginning date of the range that you want the report to run through.

End Date

This field is the same as the Start Date field listed above except that you would enter the end date of the range you are reporting against.

This Week button

Populates the Start Date with the current date and time and the End Date with the date and time exactly seven days later.

This Month button

Populates the Start Date with the first date of the current month beginning at 12:00 AM and the End Date with the current date and time.


Holds the actual qualification that will be used to run the report.  It is generated as you populate the values mentioned above as well as when you click the Run Report button.

Advanced Qualification button

Calls the Advanced Qualification dialog window.

Save Qualification button

Calls the Save Qualification dialog window.  See below.

Clear Qualification button

Clears the contents of the Qualification, Field, Operand, Value, and date fields.

Show Embedded button

Opens a dialog window that displays the embedded qualification of the current report.  This qualification is set when creating the report in the Report Manager and is a property of the report.  Not all reports are required to have this field and if they do not the button is not displayed.

Send To

Displays the destination of the report.  You can choose Screen (default), File, or Printer.

Run Report button

Runs the report using whatever qualifications are in the Qualification field.  If the field is empty, it will run the report wide open with the exception of the embedded qualification if it is present.

Close button

Closes the Advanced Report Console.

Saved Searches

Once you create a search string by selecting values for the Field, Operand, and Value fields, you can save that information into a saved search. 

Create a Saved Search

1.     Click the Save Qualification button.  The Save Qualification dialog window opens.

2.     Enter a new name for the qualification in the Qualification Name field


3.     Select the name of an existing qualification you wish to update or overwrite.

4.     Set the Default Search option to yes or no.  If you wish for this search to be populated in the Advanced Report Console every time this specific report is selected select “Yes”.  Otherwise select “No”.

5.     Click the Save button.


Use a Saved Search

1.     Click the Select Exisiting Qualification button.  The Existing Qualifications dialog opens.

2.     Highlight the existing search qualification from the table that you wish to use.

3.     Click the Use Qualification button.


Standard Reports

Kinetic Data provides these standard reports:

Table: Report Descriptions

Report Name



Provides graphical results reports, pie charts, bar charts, and so on.

Status Listing

Summary of survey participants’ name, contact information, status, originating system, and Originating ID.

Completed Single Survey

Results of a single completed survey.

Simple Completed

All surveys completed with a simple question/answer layout.

Status Overview

Pie chart of the current status of surveys in the field.

Overview w/o Comments

Survey results that does not include free text fields.

Results-Cross Tab

Displays a cross tab for selected questions based on a count.

Results-Cross Tab-Weighted Sum

Displays a cross tab for selected questions based on a weighted summary of scores.

Blank Template

Blank survey for mailing/printing.

Raw Survey Data

Designed to export the results from Crystal to Excel.  Use the export facility from the built in Crystal Viewer to export the report in a CSV format.  This allows you to import the data into the tool of your choice.

Graphs of Surveys Entered

Graphs the count of surveys entered for each template.  Shows counts by Date, Day of Week, and Time of Day.

Percent of Questions Answered

Graphs the percent answered per each question in a survey.



Sample Overview Report


Sample Status Listing Report

sample status.png

Sample Completed Single Survey

sample completed single.png

Sample Simple Completed Survey

sample simple completed.png

Sample Status Overview Report

sample status overview.png

Sample Overview w/o Comments Report

sample overview wo comments.png

Sample Results-Cross Tab Report

sample results cross tab.png

Sample Results-Cross Tab-Weighted Sum Report

samp[le cross tab weighted.png

Sample Blank Template Report

sample blank template.png

Sample Raw Survey Data Report

raw survey data.png

Sample Graphs of Survey Entered Report

sample graphs surveys entered.png

Sample Percent of Questions Answered Report

sample percent questions answered.png

Custom Reports

More reports can be created in Crystal Reports® by SAP BUSINESSOBJECTS and Remedy Action Request System internal reports.  Please see your Crystal Reports and Remedy documentation.