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Archive Tab


Allows you to archive surveys based on conditions.

Using Archiving in Kinetic Survey


Kinetic Survey uses Remedy’s out of the box functionality to allow for the archiving of submitted surveys.  Archiving of survey data is done at the individual survey template level so that each survey template controls when its data is archived. 

The archive tab is used to configure archiving as well as provide a quick way to see how many submissions for the selected survey have been archived and when the last time the archive process ran for the survey.

Setting up the Archive Forms

Archiving is not enabled for Kinetic Survey by default because it is an optional feature that not all customers will use.  In order to enable archiving, specific forms need to be modified using the Remedy Administrator tool.  Use the following instructions to complete these modifications.  These steps should only be performed by a Remedy Administrator.

1.     Open the form KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base in your Remedy Administrator tool.

2.     Select Form -> Form Properties from the menu bar.

3.     Select the Archiving tab of the Form Properties dialog window.

4.     Select an ‘Archive Type’ depending on your business rules.

5.     Enter KS_ARCH_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base into the ‘Archive to Form’ field.  If you do not wish to archive attachments or diary fields, check the appropriate option.

6.     Set the time criteria for when you wish the actual archiving of records to occur.  It is recommended that this be done during non-peak operating hours.

7.     Enter '_ArchiveMe' = "ArchiveMe" in the qualification field.

8.     Repeat steps 1 through 7 for the following base forms replacing the Archive Form name with the one listed here.

Archive Forms:

Base Form

Archive Form Name













Viewing the Archive Tab

Each template has its archiving settings displayed on the Archive tab of the Service Catalog Console, which is hidden by default.  In order to view this tab you must set the Configuration Setting labeled Display Archive to “Yes”.

Example of Configuration Item:

archive tab configuration setting.JPG

Example of the Archive Tab:

archive tab basic.JPG

survey template Controlled vs Externally Controlled

Determining when data from a submitted survey is archived can be done either by the survey template itself or by an external application such as Remedy’s Change Management.

If the survey template is used to determine when the archiving is done you will need to provide a qualification using data from the submission.  An example of this would be if you wanted the data archived after the survey has been completed for 90 days.

Externally controlled archiving requires workflow to be written on the external application that sets the ‘_ArchiveMe’ flag on the appropriate KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base record.  This sets the record as ready to be archived.  An example of this would be if you wanted all surveys associated with a change ticket to be archived when the change ticket itself is archived.

Configuring Archiving

1.         Click on the Archive tab.

2.         Select the Archive Method:

  • Off – Archiving will not be configured for this survey.

  • survey template Controlled – Records will be archived using rules defined by the survey itself.

  • Externally Controlled – An application other than Survey determines when records are archived.

3.         Enter Notes (Optional) – Enter any notes/comments that help describe the current archive process.

4.         Archive Qualification (survey template Controlled Only) – Click the Build Qualification button to open the Advanced Qualification dialog.  This qualification will determine when a record should be archived.  An example would be when the submission has been completed for at least 90 days (“('SurveyCompletedDate' + 7776000) >  $\TIMESTAMP$”).

5.         Archive Form (survey template Controlled Only) – By default this should be set to KS_ARCH_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base unless your system was configured to use a different form for archiving.  If so, select this appropriate archive form from the menu.

6.         Save the template.


Archive Tab
Allows you to archive surveys based on conditions.