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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Audit Tab

Tracks audit changes, permission groups, and authentication.

Using the Audit Information

The Audit tab allows a request manager to see changes that have taken place for a request.

Template item changes are only audited once the status is Active, Inactive, or Closed.  Changes in “New” status are considered in development and are not audited.  Items being Audited:

Deletions of customer surveys

Questions and other element changes

The information being tracked includes:

  • User making the change
  • Date/time of the change
  • Previous value
  • Value changed to

Example of Audit tab:



If you need to restrict the Remedy Users that can submit a survey, see the answers to a survey, and/or control who can modify a survey template, those options are here. All of these are controlled by setting Remedy Permissions which are then applied to the correct underlying forms.

Management Group – This single group will have access to view and modify a survey template. If you set this to a group besides public, even a Remedy Administrator will not have permissions to see the survey template.

Submission Group – This single group will be the only group that has permission to see the answers, attributes, and base records for submitted surveys.