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Set Fields - Internal

Lets you move or combine answers or static values on a survey page.

Adding a Set Fields - Internal Event

If you need to combine or set fields on a survey (not getting any data from other sources outside the request like Remedy), you can use a Set Fields - Internal. Using mappings (see below) you can move and combine data and static text into different fields. This is often used to build an full address or full name from the individual pieces.

Example of a Set Fields - Internal blank dialog:

set fields internal event basic.JPG

The updating of answers is done via mappings. You select a single destination answer, and then select a combination of static text and other answers from the same page on the survey template to be placed into the destination answer.

Example of Answer Mapping:

set fields internal mapping example.JPG

In the above example, the Full name field is being set with the First Name and Last Name fields. You do not have to use any special characters to concatenate fields together, just place them in the Value field.

Destination fields:

Template is the current survey template.

Question is a drop-down list of all the available questions on the survey template.

Fire Change Event check box lets you have a Change event fire when a value is mapped to this field.

Source fields:

Template is also the name of the current survey template.

Question is a list of all the questions on the current page. Use the drop-down list to select the question, and then click the Add button.

Value collects all the answers and static text and pushes it to the destination question.