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Event Descriptions

Events define the time or action when the created javascript should fire.

Event Descriptions

Events are set to occur as a customer is filling out a survey, as a “cause and effect” trigger.  Events happen on the screen, in real time, and trigger certain Actions.  They apply to all the elements of a survey template (i.e., Question, Page, Section, Text, and Image). 

Events are typically most useful for questions using a list or menu where a “known” set of answers is available to the user.  This would include question types like Numeric Range or List.  However, events can be used on all elements and answer types.

All of the available Events are listed here, not just the events specific to questions.  See the table below for events by element.

attachMenu – after a menu is attached to a question this event is triggered.  Used in conjunction with the populate menu action.

beforeSubmit – takes place after the submit button is clicked, but before any data is submitted to the database. Useful for complex data validation. With custom javascript, you can stop the submission process.

Blur – To leave or “lose focus” in a field.  

Change – To enter data or information in a field, and then change that information.   

Click – To click on an element, and cause an action to take place. 

*Custom* - created by customer.

Focus – The opposite of “blur.”  To click in a field, is to “focus.” 

Keyup – the action of a key coming up.  Normally used with the Fire Event If – ‘Return was Pressed’ parameter.

Load – When a web page is displayed. 

Mouse out – To move the cursor outside an element. 

Mouse over -  To move the cursor over an element. 

setFieldsReturn – Happens after a Set Fields action when the ‘Return was Pressed’ Fire Event If parameter is used.

Submit – When data from the web page is submitted to the database. This happens after the Before Submit event.

Note: Both a click event and a change event can happen, simultaneously. 


Events Available by Element
Element Available Events
Question Custom, attachMenu, Blur, Change, Click, Focus, keyup, Mouse Out, Mouse Over, and setFieldsReturn
Pages BeforeSubmit, Load, setFieldsReturn, and Submit
Section Mouse Out and Mouse Over
Text Custom, Click, and setFieldsReturn
Image Click

Image, text, and question have a built in Help Text feature that resembles the ‘Mouse Over’ event.