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How to add images to your survey template.

Using Images on your survey template

Images are a great tool for enhancing survey templates.  They must be in a web-suitable format such as JPG, GIF, or PNG.  Upload new images or use existing images from the Kinetic Survey Attachment Library. Before adding or modifying an image, ask yourself if the image could be applied to one template, a few templates, or all templates? If you are going to be using the same image in many survey templates, it should be added the the Kinetic Survey Image Library in the SYSTEM DEFAULTS category.

Adding an Image

There are two options when adding an image to a survey template, from the image library or adding a specific image from a file.

Example of Add Image dialog:

add image dialogue.JPG

Adding an image from the Image Library:

  1. Click the Add button on the Pages Tab.
  2. Click Add Image on the Element dialog.
  3. On the Image dialog, select Image Library - list of all the available images displays in the top table.
  4. Select the desired image from the table, and click on Use Item - the image will display on the details tab, along with the Image, Label, Aternate Text (if entered), and the Image ID.
  5. Optional - enter Help Text to display on roll-over.
  6. Optional - Enter Hyperlink URL and Target to have user go to a specific site if they click the image.
  7. Optional - Add styles from the Style Tab - covered in a later article.
  8. Optional - Add events on the events Tab - covered in a later article.
  9. Save the dialog.

Adding an image from My Images:

  1. Click the Add button from the Pages Tab.
  2. Click Add Image on the Element dialog.
  3. On the Image dialog choose My Images.
  4. If the image you want has already been added to your survey template it will be listed on the table on the top of the dialog.
  5. To add a new image, click the New File button.
  6. Right click the table and load the file that you want.
  7. Add an Attachment Description and File Name.
  8. Click OK to return to the Image dialog.
  9. Continue from step 4 above.

Example of file add:

image add new file dialog.JPG

Copying an Image

If the image you want is on another survey template, and you don't want or need to add it to the image library, you can copy the image.

Example of Copy Image dialog:

add image copy image.JPG

From the Image dialog, select My Image:

  1. Click on the Copy Image button.
  2. The Attachment Library dialog opens - see image above.
  3. Use the Category and Attachment Type drop-downs to show the attachement(s) that you want to copy.
  4. Select the file you want and click the Add to My Files button.
  5. Optional - if you to view the file click on the View Library Button.
  6. Continue from the adding an image steps above.

Style Tab

The Style Tab is covered in depth in the related article on question elements here.

There are a couple of differences for text elements:

  • There is no Make Read-Only check box.
  • When you click on the Add button, the Style Selector is set to HTML ID, and the only option is IMAGE_.


Events are covered in their own article here.