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Dynamic Text

A Dynamic Text element simply adds text to your survey template. The text is HTML in format, giving you a lot of flexibility for what you want to add. The dynamic label refers to the ability to pull information (attributes) from Remedy to display in the text.

Adding a Dynamic Text Element

Here is an example of a blank Dynamic Text element dialog:

dynamic text element basic blank.JPG

To add a new dynmaic text element:

  1. Click the Add button on the right side of the Pages tab.
  2. Click on Add Text.
  3. Add a Text Label - must be unique for the survey template.
  4. Add the desired text into the Text field.

Optional features

Help Text - allows you to add rollover text to your text element. 

Style Tab

The Style Tab is covered in depth in the related article on question elements here.

There are a couple of differences for text elements.

  • There is no Make Read-Only check box.
  • When you click on the Add button, the Style Selector is set to HTML ID, and the only option is DYNAMIC_TEXT.


Events are covered in their own article here.

Add Dynamic Text

To add dynamic data from your Remedy system, use the following steps:

  1. From the Dynamic Text dialog, click on the Add Fields button.
  2. Select what field to add by selecting the drop-down list for Field To Add:
    • Select base for attributes
    • Select Question for answers from previous request pages
  3. Click the Set button to move the value to the Cut and Paste field.
  4. Either Cut or Copy the text into Note Text field in the position you want.

Example of adding answers to dynamic text:

dynamic text adding fileds.JPG

Example of text in the Copy/Paste field:

dynamic text copy paste example.JPG