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Validation Tab

Lets you add help text, set a question to required, or attach a pattern to a question.

Validation Tab Options

The Validation tab holds a lot of different options: Help Text, Scoring, Required, and Pattern Matching.

Example of Blank Validation Tab:

validation basic blank.JPG

Help Text provides rollover text that can provide descriptive information.

Do Not Score is only available for List and Numeric Range questions, and will stop any score being added into the total for the survey.

Required Question will force the customer to provide an answer before the page can be submitted. If you check the box, you can enter your own message.

User prompt for required field is avaialble for a specific message for required fields. The default is the name of the question and the answer type.

Pattern Label is a drop-down list of all the available Patterns that are set for your service item.

User prompt for answer style validation is the message displayed to the customer if the pattern is not matched when you lose focus/exit the field.

Pattern is a read only field that displays the actual pattern selected from the Patern Label drop-down list.

Example of Completed Validation Tab


validation completed example.JPG