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Dynamic List

Displays data from Remedy forms or other systems using Bridging

Adding a Dynamic List

Dynamic Lists are questions where the list/menu shown to the user is dynamically generated via a Remedy qualification or a bridge.  This is similar to a “Search” menu in the AR System.  What is shown to the user may be different for every user including the context displayed.

It is important to note that the dynamic list is generated when the survey page is displayed.  Therefore, you cannot have dependent dynamic list menus within the same page (one menu dependent on the answer to a question on the same page – see the Populate Menu event for this).

Dynamic lists will only show unique values on the list menu, so if you have two entries that are identical, it will only show one.

Example of Blank Dynamic List Question - Bridging


dynamic list bridging blank.JPG

Link to an article on Bridging that walks through the steps to create a Dynamic List - Dynamic List

(Bridging text refers to Kinetic Request, but can be used for Kinetic Survey)

Example of Blank Dynamic List Question - Remedy

dynamic list remedy blank.JPG

Form is a drop-down list of all the remedy forms you have access to. If you don't see the form you want, contact your Remedy Administrator.

Label holds the Remedy field that is displayed to the customer on the web.

Value holds the Remedy field that is saved when the page is submitted.

Date Format is only used if the field is a Remedy date field and stores its value as an epoch value.

Sort field can determine what order options are shown in the dynamic list. This is normally an integer field.

Build Qualification opens the qualification dialog to allow you to build the qualification that identifies the records for your list.

dynamic list qualification.JPG

You can create a qualification with fields from the selected Remedy form, submitted results from request questions, and static values.

Answer Mapping allows you to set the value of you Date question to an attribute field of the request.

Transient means that the asnwer will not be saved to the database when the page is submited. This is used for work or temporary fields.

Use Get Entry will fire Remedy filters with the Get Entry Execute On option.