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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Questions are defined by the Answer Type that is expected and stored in the Remedy database. Below are the different types of answers available in Kinetic Request. The Answers tab for each answer type will be detailed in a separate article, and the remaining tabs will be combined into a single article at the end.

General information, including question Name, Label, and Menu label is coverded first.

  • Explains the four fields that are common for every question.
  • Attachment answer types are used to add files to your survey template.
  • The answer is defaulted to todays date, it can also be set by drop-down lists or selecting from a date widget.
  • Add Time parameters to your Date question
  • Customers can enter only numbers and a decimal point.
  • Displays data from Remedy forms or other systems using Bridging
  • Create an Answer Type that checks for a correctly formatted email address.
  • Create text input answers like names or summarys.
  • Create a variation on the Free Text field that only accepts numbers.
  • Create Radio Buttons, Drop-Down lists or Check Boxes.
  • Create questions that present a range of numbers.
  • Allows you to set default answers using various methods
  • Lets you add help text, set a question to required, or attach a pattern to a question.
  • Add CSS styling to the various page elements
  • Available only for List and Numeric Range answer types, send emails based on scoring criteria
  • Contains background information on the question.