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Pages Tab

The Pages tab displays information on the elements that make up your survey template. These elements include Pages, Questions, Dynamic Text, Images, and Copy Exiting Elements. These items are covered in their own articles.


Here is an example of the Pages tab:


The Add, Modify, and Delete buttons are used to add elements to your survey template. Up and Down buttons are used to shift elements position on the survey template.

NOTE: elements may not be moved from page to page within a survey template.

Each element has its own article that defines how to Add it to your survey template. The Modify button opens up the existing element and lets you change its properties.

You can also delete elements from this tab. Select the element and click the Delete button. In the case of questions, you will also be deleting all the related answers. Once deleted, they cannot be returned except through a database operation/restore. If you try and delete a question the following dialog will appear:

pages tab delete question.JPG

As it states in the message, if you need the answers, but do not need the question, the best option is to hide or remove it from the Style tab of the question.


Saving a Survey Template

Saving the survey template triggers the Remedy workflow to create/update all the HTML.