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Kinetic Survey Integration Guide

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The Survey Integration Guide describes integrating your Kinetic Survey application with other forms in your Remedy system. The process has two parts, adding fields and workflow to your Remedy forms, and then configuring the integrations through the Survey Author Console (detailed in the User manual). 

This guide can also be used to integrate Kinetic Request. However, the main focus and terminology used is focused on Kinetic Survey.

NOTE: If installing into a 7.6 or greater version of Remedy, you MUST set to Base Development mode using BMC Developer Studio.

  • Overview of the process for integrating Kinetic Survey with other applications within your BMC Remedy ® Action Request System (AR System) environment.
  • Definitions and concepts related to Kinetic Survey integrations
  • The steps to integrate a form for Event and Batch Integrations
  • How to setup the forms for Integrations and Data Sets.
  • Setting Up and Managing Data Sets
  • How to integrate active links (scripts) to your Remedy forms.