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Dynamic Default

Using Dynamic Defaulting and Bridging

Dynamic Default

With Bridging, there are now more modular options for setting a Dynamic Default.

Here is the new dialog:

dynamic default dialog.JPG

To setup a dynamic default you must make three choices and then modify the selected parameter.

In this example we will set the first name question with the value of the first name field from the Person form, based on the customers Login ID.

Model refers to the Models table on the Structures tab of the Bridge Manager. This is equivalent to selecting the Remedy form, but bridging can also select models from outside Remedy. Selecting theCustomer model relates this ti the Person form in Remedy.

Qualification refers to the table of the same name on the Structures tab which relates back to the Qualifications Mappings setup on the Mappings tab. This is a preset qualification for example 'AR Login' = "<%=parameter["Login"]%>". Make sure that in the qualifications mapping that the Result Type is set to Single (Dynamic lists should be set to Multiple).

Value refers to the field that holds the data that will end up in the answer field on the service item. In this example it is the First Name field from the Person form in Remedy.

The parameter table value is set with the qualification that is used to retieve the data from the Value drop-down. Click the Modify button to link it to an answer or other value from the request.

parameter for dynamic default.JPG

The options here are similar to other qualification dialogs within the application.

Here is an example of a completed dynamic dialog section based on the example above.

completed dynamic default dialog.JPG