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Populate Menu

Populate Menu Event done with Bridging


Like many other events, there is now an option to accomplish populate menu events with bridging. The advantage to using bridging is that you can use pre-set qualifications, instead of having to recreate the event each time.

Here is a blank populate menu event. It is on a dynamic list question.

pop blank event.JPG

Model refers to the designated model on the Structures tab of the Bridge Manager.

Qualification refers to the pre-set qualifications that are available through the Model.

Label is what is shown to the customer, Value is what is stored to the database when the option is selected.

The parameter table is filled out when the Qualification is selected.

In the example below, the populate menu event is configured against the Kinetic form KS_ACC_Menu. This form holds all of the internal menu information for Kinetic Survey and Kinetic Request. A dynamic list question returns all of the names of the menus, and then on a click action, a Populate Menu event shows the menu items directly related to the dynamic list choice. (This is an example from the Kinetic Request and Survey training class)

Here is the completed event:

pop completed event.JPG

The most impotant option here is the choice of the Qualification. That choice drives what parameters are available (in this case menu type - the name of the menu).

Here is a screen shot of the Qualification for Individual Menu Items. It shows the query that will be run against the remedy form identified for the model. The parameter Menu name will be replaced by the choice made in the parameter table on the Populate menu event itself.

pop qualification mapping dialog.JPG

Here is the dialog that lets you select the parameter within the event itself:

pop setting parameter qualification.JPG

Now that the parameter is being set in the event, you have access to the actual answers/base values/application values. When the qualification is configured in the Bridge Manager, it is an abstraction of what the qualification could be.

As with the other events, if you do not want to use Bridging, simpley un-check the Use Bridging box.