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Setting up a Structure

How to setup a new Model on the Structures tab

Structure Tab

The Structures tab of the Kinetic Bridge manager allows you to setup an abstract view to the data that is being referenced by your bridge. For example, the structure lets you translate Remedy Field names to labels that are easily understood by your Request Managers.

Here is an example of the Structures tab with a sample Model.

Structures tab.JPG

The first table, Model allows you to add a new model to your existing list of structures. Here is the dialog to add a new Model called Customer. The customer data will eventually be pulled from the KS_SAMPLE_Person form, but right now the model is just an abstract view to that data.

add model.JPG

The name of the model is just a name that will be referenced when you are building events of dynamic data actions.

Now that the model has a name, you need to add the individual references to the fields/columns/other elements that are going to be part of your model. Since this is a model of a customer, we will add Login, First Name, Last Name, Company, Email, and Phone. 

add attribute.JPG

Later you will connect these to the actual elements in your source, but fo now they are just references.

Next, you will setup the Qualifications that can be referenced by the model. Again - these are abstract references to what you will really use - these are setup later.

The qualifications are associated to a specific model, have a name, and need to be defined as returning either a single or multiple values. Examples include, Search by Login, Search by Last Name - Multiple.

add qualification.JPG

The last thing to be added to the Structures tab are the Qualification parameters. Every qualification will have some parameters that you add to it, and in this table we associate the queries in the last table to the attributes on the model. Remember that we are only setting up a reference for the actual quesry and fields/elements - that is done on the mapping tab and ultimately in the specific event or dynamic element.

To add Qualification Parameters you first must selec a Qualification, and then click the 'Add' button.

qual by parameter.JPG

The Parameter name normally is one of the attributes associated with the Model. If you know that you will need more than one parameter for a query, you can keep adding parameters to the qualification. an example of this would be a search by both first and last name.

Now that the Model is built, you can create the Mapping.