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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Having a direct link between a Remedy form and Kinetic Survey and Kinetic Request lets you automate your business processes.  Integrating forms provides that link.

Integration Guide

The Integration Guide is on Community here. The process is the same for both Kinetic Survey and Request, but is rarely done for Request.

Adding Fields and Workflow

The first step in integrating a form is adding the fields and workflow. If the integration field ids are already in use you can use Remedy’s change ID utility to update them before copying fields.

If you know you are going to integrate multiple forms, it is easier to do them all at once.

Be prepared to spend some time asking what fields need to be passed into the survey/request record as attributes. It is possible to do this with multiple filters, but one filter is better for maintenance. 

Data Sets

While you are adding the fields and workflow is a good time to think about any additional data sets.  Adding the new data sets now while you are adding the workflow will reduce the potential for errors and can help eliminate confusion later.

Integration Diagrams

The following three diagrams walk through the integration process for the different types of integrations.

Event Integration:

event integration.png


Active Link Integration:

active link integration.png


Batch Integration:

batch integration.png


Continue to Activity One to create an integration to a sample kinetic form