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Other Survey Features

This chapter includes some of the useful tool included with Kinetic Survey that relate to managing and monitoring surveys.

Global Search

This dialog lets you perform more advanced searches than are available from the Submissions tab on the Survey Author Console. 

Global Search Dialog:

global search.JPG

The biggest advantage to global search is being able to search across multiple templates, and by specific date ranges.

List Manager

The List Manager is an excellent tool for managing the process of sending surveys to groups of customers.  It allows you to design or import your own groups, and even to designate groups from other groups or survey results.  Once your groups are configured, you can send them a survey based on any template or message template you can access.  The most common use for the list manager is a test group for a new template.

Example of List Manager:

list manager.JPG

Configuration Manager

After installation, there are only a few reasons to go back into the configuration manager.  Categories, Web Messages, Style and Pattern need to be added/modified on an irregular basis.  The Manage Messages tab will need to be monitored only if you are having issues with emails getting to your customers

Configuration Manager

configuration manager.JPG


Along the left side of the configuration Manager are links that let you update both the web administration properties of your web servers, and mass update web server links.