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Application Overview

Before digging into the details of constructing service items, here is a brief tour of the Service Catalog Console and related screens.

Survey Author Console


Before digging into the details of constructing a survey, here is a brief tour of the Survey Author Console and related screens.

At the end of the chapter is a page detailing shortcuts for accessing various screens or functions in Kinetic Survey.

Survey Author Console

The Survey Author Console is divided into three main sections, Survey Templates, Survey Template Details, and Manage Survey links.


Survey Author Console:


Survey Templates

The top section of the console contains a table that lists the basic information associated with a Survey Template.  Next to the table are drop down menus for searching templates by category, type and/or status.  New, Clone, and Delete buttons are located below the table.  Only a Remedy administrator has access to the Delete button.

Survey Template Details

The lower section of the console contains the details and elements for each Survey Template.  Basic information including Category, name and description is displayed in separate fields, while all other elements are shown on the individual tabs of a page field.

The page tabs cover the following sections:

Pages: Construction of pages, questions, images and other template elements.

Style: Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to define the look of the overall template.

Notifications: Escalations and Reminders based on data related to a survey.

Customer Surveys: Search, send, delete, view, and/or complete surveys.

Reports: Run Crystal and Remedy reports that have been added to the application.

Sources: Shows the integration triggers that are in place for the specific template, including any rules related to that trigger.

Settings: Allows addition of attributes to templates, including expiration date and keyword.  Also, set specific web messages for that template for errors or closed surveys.

Advanced: Ability to set web server and display page properties.  Also allows you to add or remove attachments and set the Allow Anonymous property.

Audit: Table shows changes to the template after it has been set to “Active” status.  There is no auditing while the template is in “New” status.  Also holds the permission groups for the specific template.

Archive: Allows you to setup an archive process (using Remedy’s built in process). This tab is hidden by default. You can update a configuration item to make it visible.

Event: Shows all the events for the selected survey template. You can modify and delete from here, but not create new.

Manage Surveys

These links open consoles that let you manage overall elements of Kinetic Survey.  A short description of each link follows.

Global Search: Search across multiple survey templates with more options than the Customer Surveys tab

Global Reporting: Allows you to pick a specific report and report across multiple templates with advanced qualifications.

Message Templates: Construct, delete and clone the templates used by emails for Kinetic Survey notifications.

List Manager: Ability to manage and send surveys to groups of people.

The following links are only available to Remedy Administrators

Configuration: Control default application data including categories, web messages, formatting and auditing.

Integration Manager: Control Integration points to forms, and Data Sets.

Report Manager: Add, modify and delete reports for all templates.

Submission Console

The Kinetic Survey Submission Console allows you to view, search and report on individual surveys.