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Know Your Rights

The ability to perform tasks in Kinetic Survey is dependent on the permissions assigned to you by your Remedy administrator.  The following groups define what you can and cannot do in Kinetic Survey.

Kinetic Survey Users and Groups

Kinetic Survey contains six permission groups for user setup. Please see your Remedy Action Request System documentation for more information on assigning Kinetic Survey Groups to users. Specifics on the groups are in the Survey Manager guide

There are five types of users.


This user has Remedy AR System Administrator permissions and is often the person that installed the application. The Administrator has access to all forms including background survey configuration information and can add users and groups to the AR System.

Survey Manager

This user creates and modifies surveys. The number of Survey Managers allowed for the system corresponds to the number of purchased Kinetic Survey Manager licenses. 

Survey Inspector

This user can view survey results, add notes to surveys and close surveys. Kinetic Survey does not limit the number of Survey Inspectors allowed to access the system.

Survey Integrator

This user has access to managing the integrations associated with Kinetic Survey.  This user may have technical expertise in creating qualifications from a data source that funnels customer information into Kinetic Survey. This role can, and often is the same person as a survey manager.

Survey Reporter

This user can modify and create reports in Kinetic Survey. 

If you do not have permission to perform a specific task, check with your Remedy administrator that you have been granted the correct permissions.  For example, if you do not have access to the Integration Manager link, and have been assigned to update or create integrations.


Licensing for Kinetic Survey is based on the number of active Remedy Servers.