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Chapter Six - Survey Submission Manager

Allows non-Survey Managers to access, search, and report on surveys.


This chapter provides procedures for users (including “non-author” users) to perform the following:

  • Finding Survey Templates
  • Perform Advanced Search:
  • Run Reports

A user can access the Survey Submission Manager without a Kinetic Survey user license.  An unlimited number of users have access to the system as long as they have the following groups added to their user record:



Accessing the Survey Submission Manager ConsoleEdit section

From one single place, the KS_SRV_Inspector (Survey Inspector), can view or complete survey results, send new information, resend or delete a survey, and add notes or close surveys.

To Access the Survey Submission Manager Console

From the Remedy Home page, double click on

Survey Submission Manager Console dialog appears. 

Figure: Survey Submission Manager Console


Survey Submission Details 

From the Survey Submission Details section of the Survey Submission Manger Console a user can search, monitor, comment, close, resend, and delete surveys. 

Using the Submissions Tab

The Submissions tab can be viewed by “non-author” users, Survey Inspectors and Survey Managers.  Individuals monitoring survey results can use this tab without having permission to actually change survey templates or other configuration items. 

Finding Survey Templates

The Survey Submission Manager Console has two sections:

At the top, the Survey Template and the Survey Template Description section displays survey templates currently available in the system.

At the bottom, the Survey Submission Details section displays survey template details highlighted in the top section. 

Search For Customer Survey(s)

1.         Access the Survey Submission Manager.

2.         Highlight the name of the survey template.

3.         In the Survey Submission Details section of the screen, select the Submissions tab.

4.         From the Search field, select an item to search for from the menu.

5.         In the For + field, enter the criteria to search for (if any). Press Return (or click Search). A list of surveys matching the criteria appears in the table below.

To clear the Search and For + fields and begin a new search, click Clear.

View the Customer Survey

You can view the answers of an existing survey via the Submissions tab.  Any survey whose status is either “In Progress” or “Completed” can be viewed.

1.         In the Survey Submission Details section of the screen, select the Submissions tab.

2.         Select a Survey from the table. 

·         If the surveyis in “In progress” or “Completed” status click the View button to see the answers and attributes.

·         If the survey is in a “Sent” status click the Complete button to open the survey in your default browser.

3.         If the survey has not yet been completed, the survey will be displayed to be filled out.

4.         Either Double-Click on the row in the table or click View/Complete to view the results.

The Completed Customer Survey form allows Survey Inspectors to view the submitted answers as well as other information about the survey item. 

Survey Inspectors can change answers, and some survey values, from this screen.  Any changes made to the survey are audited including who made the change, when the change was made, and what the previous value was.


Figure: Completed Submission

From the Attributes tab, other survey information can be seen.  See

Table 7: Completed Submission Fields-Attributes Tab

The Notifications/Audit tab includes information on notifications (invites, reminders, and escalations) that have been sent relating to this request, as well as audits of any information that has been changed and a field to hold internal notes.   See Table 8: Completed Submissions Fields-Notifications/Audit Tab. 


Advanced Search

The Advanced Search form allows you to search for a specific survey using more criteria than the drop-down menu search. 


Figure: Advanced Search

submission advanced search.JPG

Perform Advanced Search:

NOTE: When you access the Advanced Search window from the link on the left column, the Advanced Search starts with only the category you were currently searching on for Request Templates, if any. By accessing the Advanced Search form from theSubmissions tab, the search includes the category and name of the request template you are working with currently.

1.     Access the Survey Manager. See Accessing the Survey Manager.

2.     Select the Submisions tab.

3.     From the left column, select Advanced Search. The Advanced Search form appears.

4.     Select the search field information. You can fill in one or more fields to refine the search.

5.     To include Survey Values (answers) you can use the Survey Values Qualification to include attributes or survey answers into your qualification.

6.     Click Search to display surveys that match your criteria.

From the results table you can open individual surveys by double-clicking or clicking View.  For more information on viewing survey results, please see View a Customer Request.



The Reports tab enables you to choose a report and run it for the currently selected request. 


Figure: Reports

Reporting is discussed in it’s own chapter.  See Request Reporting. 



Kinetic Request comes with pre-configured Flashboards included on the right side of the Submission Manager Console Reports Tab

Using Remedy’s Flashboard products, these graphical reports run, constantly, reporting average scores, the quantity of completed requests, and other helpful information in real time.