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Pattern Tab

Maintain the pattern matching values.


Creating a Pattern Label generates an indicator of how users or customers will view a particular field.  For example, if the answer requires an Integer, the Pattern Label field may read as “Integer 1-12”, indicating that only numbers 1 though 12 can be used for that field.  If a pattern doesn’t match a customer’s response, a prompt will appear for a specific default pattern. 

NOTE: A single quote {' } must be preceded by an escape character { / }. 

Figure: Pattern Tab (Add)

configuration manager pattern.JPG

1.         Choose from the drop-down menu, or type in a Pattern Label.  This is what authors will see when adding a pattern to a question and should be descriptive.   

2.         Under the Pattern field enter a regular expression specific to the Pattern Label entered. 

3.         Regular pattern coding can be difficult to decipher.  Pattern Notes is an opportunity to offer helpful information for a future Administrator or user regarding this pattern. 

4.         The Defaults field allows you to specify whether this pattern will automatically be selected when an author creates a question of this type.  There should be only one Default response for each.