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Attribute Types Tab

Maintain the attributes related to survey templates.


A survey templates specific attributes can be added and modified from the Attribute Types Tab.  Attribute Types display on the Settings Tab of the survey.  These are administrator-defined attributes where survey authors can enter information for purposes of reporting and other organizational needs.


Figure: Attribute Types Tab

configuration manager attributes.JPG



1.  On the Configuration dialog “Attribute Types” tab, Click New or Modify.  A dialog will appear.


Figure: Add/Modify Attribute Type dialog

2.         Choose Data Type.  For example, if character is chosen as a Data Type, that choice enables the Enable Pattern Matching and Attach Menu checkboxes, offering a user more control over how a request attribute can be adjusted and modified. 

If you choose an Integer in the Data Type, the Enable Range checkbox becomes available.  Enter a numerical range from Minimum to MaximumField Length, and Default Value

3.         If a Category is set, the data type will only be available to request templates with that Category.  Leaving category blank will make the attribute available to all requests. 

4.         Click Make Type Mandatory if needed.  This will require that a request author fill in this attribute when saving a template. 

         *NOTE:  Mandatory attributes will only be required once a request template becomes “Active”.  

5.          Click Allow Multiple Instances for those circumstances when a request author will need to add multiple values to this attribute type. An example is “Request Business Unit”, where multiple values for a business unit would be entered such as: H.R., Request Business Unit IT, Request Business Unit, Marketing, etc. 

Admin Only Attribute Type are reserved for Kinetic Request “out of the box” attribute types such as expiration date. 

6.         Enable Pattern Matching/Pattern allow you to set a pattern that the attribute follows.  These patterns use Remedy ARS Pattern syntax.  See your administrator guide for available pattern types in Remedy. 

7.         If needed, choose from the Menu Name drop-down list, as shown above. 

8.         Choose Save and Close