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Message Templates

Create Email Templates for Messaging

Message Templates

The Message Templates console allows you to create and manage the format of your email messages.  In addition to conventional text and HTML markup, these message templates allow you to insert field placeholders that populate when a survey uses that template.

 For Kinetic Survey, email messages are typically two types:

  • Survey Invitations:  Email messages with a link to a survey to be completed by the recipient.
  • Survey Notifications:  Email messages that are sent at some point after the submission of a survey. 

When the Messaging Template Manager opens, the Search Category field is automatically populated using the Survey Category that was last viewed. 

Example Message Template Dialog:

message template basic.JPG

Searching and Creating

Search Category lets you define all the message templates related to survey category.

Search Type defines by the Type field on the message type.

Search/Clear operate on search selections.

Delete removes the selected message template.

NOTE: Message templates are meant to be used by multiple survey templates. Make sure it is not used at all before deleting.

Clone makes a copy of the message template with the word - clone after the name.

New Template opens the new message template dialog.

Example of New Message Template dialog:

new message template.JPG

Enter a Message Template Name, create a name with some meaning that is easily recognizable (required).

Message Template Format is a drop-down list box select either HTML or Plain Text (required).

Category field automatically populates with the current survey category.  Use this category, select another category, or leave the field blank.  Message templates with a category will only be visible to surveys of the same category.  If you want the message template to be available from multiple survey categories, then leave this blank.

Type field is a drop-down list of current type or add a new type.  Types are optional and only needed if you want to further categorize your message templates for easier searching later.

Originating Form field pre-populates or select one from the drop-down list. This menu helps you determine which form to use. 

  • Post-Survey Notification: KS_SRV_CustomerSurveyResults_join


  • Pre-Survey Invite: KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey



Mailbox Name is a list of all the outgoing mailboxes setup in your Remedy email engine.  If no value is selected, the default outgoing mailbox is used.

Subject field is the subject line of the email.

Use the Add Fields button to add answers or attributes from surveys.  However, there is limit of 255 characters on the field, so be cautious what fields you add.  The add fields action is the same as the Body section.

Priority, enter a number in the Priority field lower numbers are a higher priority. Three is normal.

Body Text field, type the text you want to appear in the body of the email.  If your message format is HTML, you can use any standard HTML markup within the body of the email.

Add Fields button works almost the same as a Text Element. However, message templates are meant to work across multiple survey templates. You will have to select the category before selection the survey template and then the question.

Add Tag menu lets you can use special tags to include special html text within your request.  Use the Add Tag menu to include one or more of the following tags.

  • Anonymous Link:  For a survey invite, this will include an anonymous URL.
  • Targeted Link:  For a survey invite, this will include a targeted URL (specific to a single recipient).
  • Embed Link:  This will embed the first page of your survey into the email.  Any subsequent pages (content or confirmation) will be displayed in a web browser.   A person filling out an embedded survey must have a network connection that can reach your Kinetic Survey web server.  Embedded survey are limited in their functionality due to security limitations in email clients.
  • Opt Out Link:  This will embed a link to a special survey that a user can click on to opt out of future survey invites.
  • Submitted Link:  For post- survey notifications, this will embed a link into the email to open the completed survey in a web browser.  This link uses the AR System Midtier application to display a Kinetic Survey form to display the results.  For security reasons, users will be asked to login prior to seeing the results and must have Kinetic Survey Inspector privileges.

Preview Tab lets you see an approximation of the message template with any HTML formatting.

Attachments tab lets you add attachments to the email message. This is a static attachment that cannot be changed.

Modifying Message Templates

To modify a message template, select it from the table, and make the changes you want to any of the fields. Be cautious with your changes.