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Populate Menu

Create a drop-down list on an existing list question. This event can be done with a Remedy lookup or with bridging.

Adding a Populate Menu Event

Populate Menu is used to replace the existing menu on a list question with a new menu. It cannot replace or update radio buttons or check boxes. This event is often used to set a secondary menu after the primary has been set. 

The following article explains how to create a Populate menu event with Bridging.

Example of blank Populate Menu dialog - Remedy only version:

pop menu basic.JPG

Attach Menu To is a drop-down list of all the avaialble list questions.

Source Form is the form the information for the list comes from - single Remedy form only.

Value Field is the field on the selected form that holds the value that will be the answer that is then passed and stored in Remedy.

Label Field is the field on the selected form that is shown in the drop-down list to the customer. Label and Value do not have to be different.

Max entries refers to the maximum number of individual entries on the menu.

Sort by Field is a field on the selected form that could be used to sort the data, like an integer field. This is optional.

Sort Order is either Ascending or Descending, and refers to the Menu Label values. This is optional.

Use Get Entry check box is used if you want the Get Entry Execute On filters fire when the Populate Event searches the Source form. This is optional.

The Qualification determines what records are going to be returned for the menu.

Example of Qualification dialog:

populate menu qualification dialog.JPG

Source Form is the Remedy form selected above.

Current Form allows you to retrieve answers from any questions on the current page or attributes that are available.