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Organizing elements with sections.

Adding Sections

A section is a grouping of elements within a survey template. A section can be used to style a group of elements without having to select each element. If you want a whole block of questions to hide/show depending on a selected answer, you could create a section and hide/show this rather than each question individually.

To add a section to your survey template:

  1. Click Add from the Pages tab, and then click Add Section from the new element dialog.
  2. Enter a Section Name - must be unique for the survey template.
  3. Optionally, enter Event or Styling information - covered in separate articles.

Blank Section Dialogue:

section basic blank.JPG

What is included in a Section

The most important thing about sections is where they start and end. The starting point is easy to see, it is where the section label is on the Pages tab. The end point can be one of two things, either the end of the page, or the start of a new section.

NOTE: You cannot delete the last section on a page, even if it has no elements in it.

Style Tab

The Style Tab is covered in depth in the related article on question elements here.

There are a couple of differences for sections.

  • There is no Make Read-Only check box.
  • When you click on the Add button, the Style Selector is set to HTML ID, and the only option is SECTION.


Events are covered in their own article here.