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Integration Manager

How to setup the forms for Integrations and Data Sets.


Once the workflow side of the integration is complete, manage the remainder of integrating your application to a survey or form with the Remedy User Tool or Mid-Tier.

The administrator has access to the Integration Manager, where forms are added, rules and qualifications added, data sets and mappings managed and more. 

NOTE: Only a Remedy Administrator has permissions to this link from the Survey Author Console, or Service Catalog Console.

The link to the Integration Manager is on the left side of either console.Clicking on the link brings up the following dialog.

Example of the Integration Manager:

integration manager.JPG

Add a New Integrated Form

Adding a new form allows you to make the form that was just integrated through workflow and fields avaialble for integration triggers. The following steps will have the new form available to select for triggers on the Sources tab.

  1. Click Add under the Integration Sources table on the Integration Manager console
  2. Click OK on the warning dialog concerning workflow and form changes
  3. For Integration Type, select "Inbound" which represents surveys inbound to customers. Outbound and Both were used for the previous Task Engine.
  4. Select ARSystem-Form as the Source Type. The other options refer to other ways to integrate. These are pre-built in to the application.
  5. The Source Name is the specific form in Remedy that you want to integrate.
  6. Source Label is the friendly or common name that the Remedy form is likely known as, like Incident or Change.
  7. Category and Type Menu can be ignored for Event or Batch integrations
  8. Workflow Item contains any descriptive text you want to attach to this form.

Example of completed dialog:

add integration source.JPG