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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Installation Guide

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This guide describes the installation process and requirements for Kinetic Survey™ and Kinetic Request™.


For customer service support, go to the support section of our web site or call 651-695-8566.


  • Kinetic Survey™ and Kinetic Request™ are comprehensive Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) applications for creating and administering all types of templates, reports, and forms using BMC Remedy Action Request System® (AR System). This installation guide is applicable to both Kinetic Survey™ and Kinetic Request™.  References to both application simultaneously as Kinetic SR.
  • This chapter provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the Windows based installer.
  • Kinetic SR can be installed with a stand-alone Apache Tomcat server for easy deployment.  However, in many situations, another Servlet Container may be required. Kinetic SR is created as a standard J2EE web application and can be deployed into almost any standard Web Server/Servlet Container including Tomcat, Websphere, and ServletExec AS. The following sections describe the general process for deploying to other servlet containers.  Each container may have other processes for deploying an application.  Please refer to your specific documentation for complete instructions.
  • The Configuration Manager allows Remedy Administrators to monitor and control some of the behaviors of Kinetic Survey and Kinetic Request. Remedy Administrators can access the Configuration Manager via the “Configuration” link on the left side of either the Kinetic Survey Author console or the Kinetic Request Service Catalog Console.  It is within this area that an administrator can manage configuration items including the ability to: Set configuration items like default web server and the license keys. Monitor stuck email messages. Arrange answer patterns from which users can choose Create error messages that submitters will see, and much more.   Figure 1: Configuration Manager