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KINETIC SR (Survey and Request)


Version 5.0.3

Release Notes


Revised July 22, 2011


© 2011, Kinetic Data, Inc.

Kinetic Data, Inc, a Remedy® Alliance Partner.

Remedy, a BMC Software company©

Remedy the Remedy logo and all other Remedy product or service names and registered trademarks or trademarks of BMC Software, Inc.




Chapter 1                           Introduction


The following items have changed in Kinetic Request and/or Kinetic Survey (referred to Kinetic SR in this document). 

Chapter 2                           Changes Implemented In 5.0.3

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic SR version 5.0.3



[Feature 60] Ability to create variables/fields that don’t submit on a request form.  The solution for this is to mark a question as ‘transient’ by checking the transient checkbox on the question dialog.  This allows variables to be easily created in all data formats currently supported by the application, without the customer data being saved on the Remedy server.

[Bug 1582] Receive an error message when on the Global Search form when using the Sent Date field on Mid-Tier.

[Bug 1622]  Remedy 7.06.03 User Tool table bug.  When a table with a descending sort order is displayed or refreshed, the first record is selected, but the scroll bar drops to the bottom of the table.  This is not an issue on Mid-Tier.

[Feature 1656] Ability for each Request template to support multiple Kinetic Task process trees.

[Bug 1660] Session tokens were not regenerated after login.

[Bug 1661] Excession HTTP methods (PUT and DELETE) are accepted.

[Bug 1662] Session token is being passed in the URL.

[Bug 1668] If the Reemdy server is using LDAP to verify user credentials, multiple LDAP request are sent for each login.

[Bug 1670] The Task Details view on the Kinetic Request Submission Manager form is too large.

[Bug 1681] The application admin user no longer has access to the Admin Console.

[Bug 1683] The KS_ACC_Schedule record to delete templates marked as deleted is no longer in the system.

[Bug 1685]  The cloner doesn’t ensure that the ‘short_value’ field on KS_SRV_Fieldmap is limited to 255 characters.

[Feature 1690] Ability to clone a task tree from one service item to another service item.

[Bug 1691] Remove the N/A option from checkbox questions.

[Bug 1692] List questions shouldn’t allow the justification to be set to horizontal.  A list question Is a drop-down select form element, so the horizontal justification doesn’t apply.

[Bug 1701] When modifying the value of a template attribute, the value is truncated to 255 characters where the original value may have been up to 4000 characters.

[Bug 1710] Add the ability to fire change events immediately when firing from set fields events.  Normally all fields in the set fields action are set first, then the application goes back and fires the change events for the fields that are configured to fire on change.  No these events can be configured to fire immediately when the question value is changed, before the rest of the questions in the set fields event are set.

[Bug 1718] The cloner doesn’t work on Websphere.

[Bug 1732] The SetToComplete flag for page branching is set if the page being branched to is a confirmation page. If the branching is modified to a non confirmation page, this flag is never unchecked.

[Bug 1737] Questions do not appear in menu for creating message templates after cloning a template or importing a new template that doesn’t yet exist on the server.

[Bug 1739] Attribute values do not show in the Completed Customer Submission dialog in Mid-Tier, on the attribute labels are displayed.

[Bug 1749] Date and Date/Time questions do not display the submitted answer when viewing the submission in Review Request with tabs, and the question is not on the first page.

[Bug 1752] The UserContext bean is not being added back to the session in review request.

[Feature 1753] Add the JVM memory settings to the log file on startup.

[Bug 1754] Integration filter (KS_SRV_INTEGRATION_FireSurvey) not firing when integrating with ITSM 7.6.04.

[Bug 1756] Retrieving an attachment for a submitted answer no longer works if the attachment is not on the web server.

[Bug 1781] Changed the Supervisor menu on the KS_SAMPLE_People form to allow the person to be his/her own supervisor.

[Bug 1789] Added public hidden permissions to the KS_SRV_IntMgr_DeleteMappings_guide.  The guide didn’t have any permissions on it.

[Bug 1792] Repaired corrupt meta data in a few fields across a number of forms.  The meta data was causing errors when attempting to retrieve field data using the API with the ArsModels library.

[Bug 1826] Set Fields – External events cannot be used to set a Date or Date/Time question because the wrong value is returned from Remedy.

[Bug 1832] Date and Date/Time questions cannot be dynamically defaulted to the value in a Remedy Date field.

Chapter 3                           Changes Implemented In 5.0.2

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic SR version 5.0.2



[Bug 1530]  Removed the Confidence column from the Admin Console dependencies tab.

[Bug 1542]  Automatically delete approvals related to the original request submission when the original request is deleted.

[Feature 1543] Added the ability to run a task process tree for all types of submissions (Approvals, etc…).  Previously, only submissions that did not have a value in the Submit Type field would be allowed to have a process tree.

[Bug 1561] The Template Name on the KS_SRV_SurveyQuestion form is not updating on cloned records when a service item is cloned.

[Bug 1570]  The length of the Data Set Field label is longer than the Answer Mapping field it is set into.

[Feature 1572]  Use the Remedy Password Management settings in ARS 7.1 and higher if the user record is flagged to force a password change on next login.

[Bug 1573]  Selection list questions don’t always populate with the submitted value in Review Request mode.

[Bug 1576]  There are no permissions on the KS_SRV_DatasetQuestionUnion_ContentsElementHTML_join form.

[Bug 1577]  The OriginatingID_Display field does not get populated when a base request is submitted.

[Feature 1578]  Add an unlimited length field to the KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base form.  The field name is Multi Purpose Info.

[Bug 1579]  Safari does not properly build the originating url when using proxy port 80.

[Feature 1588]  Originating Form field does not get populated when a base request is submitted.

[Feature 1592]  Create filters on KS_SAMPLE forms that close deferred tasks.

[Bug 1598]  Review Request style bug when using tabs to display pages.

[Bug 1599]  Pattern match error message gets overwritten with a default value when the question dialog form is loaded.

[Bug 1602]  HTML code doesn’t render as html in the form validation alert message.  This can be a problem when the question label has html code embedded in the label value, such as <font color=”red”>*</font>.

[Bug 1603]  Pressing backspace repeatedly can trigger the browser’s back button.

[Bug 1608]  Expose the Export Template process to Survey and Request Managers.

[Bug 1609]  Fix the tab order on the Client Event Dialog form.

[Bug 1610]  Expose the Import Template process to Survey and Request Managers.

[Feature 1611]  Add a differences report to the template import process when a template already exists on the server.

[Bug 1614]  The template name field on the KS_SRV_SimpleDataRequest form is not updating when cloned.

[Feature 1615]  Display Kinetic Task approvals / non-base requests that are in between being submitted and completed.

[Bug 1621]  Expose the categoryId (Catalog ID) property in the CustomerSurvey bean, and add as a property to the clientManager javascript object.

[Bug 1624]  Destination Field ID not being set when selecting a field in the Field Map dialog in Mid-Tier.

[Bug 1626]  Documentation is wrong describing Review Request mode in the Request User Guide and Survey User Guide.

[Feature 1637]  On the submission console, allow submissions to be searched by instanceId / KSR ID without having to select a service item.

[Bug 1640]  Updated the documentation to reflect that a 32-bit JVM is required to run the web application.

[Bug 1642]  Updated the installation documentation to move the ARS Helpers library out of the shared location and into the web application.

[Bug 1643]  The time fields are not included in the validation required check for Date/Time questions.

[Bug 1644]  Expose the template’s attribute instances in the CustomerSurvey bean.

[Bug 1647]  Remove the leading backslash from the file names listed in the welcome-file-list in the web.xml file, as this causes problems with Servlet Exec.

[Bug 1649]  Updated field permissions on various back end forms to allow Managers to import service items.

[Bug 1650]  Package the Microsoft dependency libraries in the installer application.

[Bug 1652]  Remove the requirement for the Authentication URL to contain a value when the authentication type is set to External.

[Bug 1653]  Add the pattern validation record for Date/Time questions to the upgrade package.

[Bug 1655]  Attachment question link should be generated after the file has been completely uploaded.

[Bug 1658]  Log file shows many instances of 404 errors: /resources/includes/null?tzOffset=xxx.  Seems like if the referrer attribute is not set, then the page doesn’t redirect properly.


Chapter 4                           Changes Implemented In 5.0.1

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic SR version 5.0.1



[Bug 1365]  Managers are able to change field names for Data Sets.  This causes errors on notifications and field mappings.

[Bug 1367]  Adding a checkbox list question without any checkbox items, the question disappears without any warnings or errors.

[Feature 1403] Added a notes field client-side events.  This field doesn’t have any functionality other than to describe what the event does or what it is used for.

[Bug 1440] The client-side event “Run-If” qualification doesn’t update in the table of events if the condition is set to a blank value.

[Bug 1441]  Checkbox options do not display in the set fields event question mapping menu.

[Bug 1446]  If the web application starts while the Remedy Server cannot be reached, the Connection Pool is not setup.

[Bug 1452]  An exception is thrown while viewing a submission using Review Request on Tomcat 5.5.28 or higher.

[Bug 1462]  Add an “Equal To” value to the Operators menu in the Client Event dialog.

[Bug 1471]  IE6 displays an error message when a Populate Menu action returns, and tries to set the selection to a blank value.

[Bug 1473]  Integration Manager | Data Set | Add dialog for Mapping Source.  When trying to add a mapping source for data set to integrated form, the Source field drop down list blanks out after you choose a form, and then you cannot select a field label.

[Bug 1474]  Unable to update mappings for Set Fields - Internal or Set Fields - External events.

[Bug 1475]  Cloning does not work when the web server is running Java 6.

[Bug 1485]  Questions that were set to Do Not Map through the template generator get mapped once they are modified in the user tool.

[Bug 1487]  Set Fields – Internal events have no way to set the sort order of the fields that are mapped.

[Bug 1488]  The field map sort_order field I not used when building up the client-side event code for Set Fields events.

[Bug 1495]  Review Request limits visibility of submissions by the template (Visible To Group) and submitted answers (Submission Group).  This should not happen, only the answers should be limited by permission groups.

[Bug 1513]  The wrong label is used in error messages for required questions.  The question menu (editor) label is used instead of the question label.

[Bug 1514]  The pattern validation user prompt doesn’t use the question label in the message, it uses the question menu (editor) label.

[Bug 1515]  The highlighted (red) label for the question does not return to the original label color when the question is dynamically made optional.

[Bug 1517]  Re-enable the Generate Launcher tab on the service catalog console dialog.

[Bug 1518]  The sequence number is not generating for old-style tasks created in version 5.0.

[Bug 1519]  Selecting (Clear) from the pattern menu on the question doesn’t clear out all the fields.


Chapter 5                           Changes Implemented In 5.0

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic SR version 5.0


[Bug 1421]  No error if month not selected for Date or Date/Time Question

[Feature 1420] Remove the LAUNCHER_TEMPLATES catalog and service items.

[Feature 1419] Hide the Launcher Template tab on the Service Catalog dialog.

[Bug1411] The remote user's IP address is not being set correctly when a proxy server (such as Apache) is used.

[Feature 1407] Display the application version on the manager consoles

[Bug 1406] Filter KS_SRV_CustSurveyResultJoin_UpdateApproval_callguide causing problems on approval for new Task Engine approvals

[Bug 1395] KS_TSK_Tree records not exported with template

[Feature 1393]  Enhance log management

[Bug 1383] Simple Data Request results in a NullPointerException when running in test mode without an authenticated user.

[Bug 1382] Autosave the Simple Data Request record when the testing mode checkbox is checked.

[Bug 1371] Hide/Show Task tab on the Submission console

[Bug 1370] Hide unused Style Tabs

[Feature 1369] Allow JSP Menu to pull from current service item and current catalog only

[Feature 1368] Add an option to display an alert message to the user when a Set Fields External action doesn't match any records.

[Bug 1364] Template import process may time out

[Feature 1362] Display Date/Time fields in the user's local time zone

[Bug 1361] Allow customer to set the width of the Display Question Value for Date and Date/Time fields

[Bug 1360] Change Display Question Value for Date questions

[Feature 1359] Update Service Catalog Category Functionality

[Feature 1358] Create generic Sample forms

[Feature 1357] Increase the field length of Category on the KS_RQT_ServiceItemCategory form to 200 characters.

[Feature 1356] Increase the field length of Category Description on the KS_RQT_ServiceItemCategory form to 4000 characters.

[Feature 1351] Increase the field length of Survey Description on the KS_SRV_SurveyTemplate form to 4000 characters.

[Bug 1349] When a cached template is redeployed, an error message is displayed to the first user to request this template.

[Feature 1348] Create minified versions of the Javascript API files, and use these in the main JSP pages.

[Bug 1347] Review Request fails without any good reason to the user if the request didn't have any pages with submitted answers

[Feature 1335] Include a separate definition file for ARS 7.5 flashboards.

[Bug 1334] Cannot set Use Get Entry field on set fields external events

[Bug 1332] Date and Date/Time selection fields become writeable on submit after field validation

[Bug 1331] ReviewRequest doesn't display properly in IE when loading and displaying all pages at once.

[Feature 1330] Update the YUI library to 2.8.1

[Bug 1329] The client side event Fire Event If statement 'clientManager.isNewPage' is always false.

[Bug 1327] Date fields always set the value to the current date, even if the submitted answer was blank.

[Bug 1325] Remove 1=0 Run If qualifications from filters and active links

[Feature 1324] Retrieve submitted page answers as a list instead of individual records.

[Feature 1320] Move Kinetic Task into a separate web application.

[Feature 1319] Look up the Default Kinetic Task Server configuration value when building up the url to open the kinetic task builder.

[Bug 1317] Enhance Review Request so the user can choose how it displays - all content pages loaded at once, or each content page displayed in its own page tab.

[Bug 1316] Review Request should skip pages that don't have any answers

[Bug 1314] Update unicode support in all pages in the web application

[Feature 1313] Add additional class names to required question elements to allow more hooks for styling.

[Feature 1312] Add New Functionality to Date Answer Types that is Similar to the New Date/Time Answer Type

[Bug 1311] Temp files created at startup are never cleaned up.

[Bug 1306] Missing theme fails silently

[Feature 1302] Menu on Advanced Qualification Builder for Keywords only has $\USER$ in it.  Needs more items

[Feature 1295] Add the page name as a property to the CustomerSurvey bean.

[Bug 1293] Set Fields Internal client side event allows all questions from the service item to be used as the source

[Feature 1288] Stop automatically generating default styles for new Surveys/Service Items

[Feature 1287] Remove mail.jar and activation.jar from the KSR project as these libraries are no longer needed in the project.

[Bug 1286] When you add a new page to a survey/service item it doesn't automatically get selected like any other element does

[Bug 1285] KD.utils.Action.setQuestionValue does not work for Date questions when passing the question label.

[Feature 1284] Add ability to view attachments from another service item.

[Bug 1283] Proxies are not released from the proxy pool if a data request is in use when the ARServerUser instance logs out.

[Bug 1282] non-english characters cause error on attachment file names

[Feature 1279] Allow the date question label to be passed to the javascript function that sets the date question value

[Feature 1278] Add a Date/Time question type

[Bug 1277] Calendar date picker doesn't work with YUI 2.8

[Feature 1276] Change the Class Names in the HTML of the Submit and Previous Buttons

[Bug 1273] When creating a Reminder in Kinetic Survey the default hours are set to something greater than 168 hours

[Feature 1272] Category field length

[Feature 1271] Allow each Survey/Request page element to define what JSP it should use to render.

[Bug 1270] Review Request JSP pages are not UTF-8 compliant.

[Feature 1268] Hide the Rebuild Layout button on the Survey and Request Consoles

[Feature 1266] Hide the Page Editor button

[Bug 1265] Ensure the ARServerUser port is set in the Authenticator.initializeUserSession method.

[Bug 1256] Mandatory Attributes required for both Survey and Request

[Bug 1255] Passed Over Approvers (Backup Used) Still Counted in My Requests

[Feature 1254] Add setFieldsReturn as an Action for Dynamic Text elements to be used on manually created buttons

[Feature 1253] Add the abilty to create a review request page and automatically create the Remedy components required for the page

[Feature 1248] Incorporate the Review Request package into Kinetic Request.

[Feature 1234] Environment log dump

[Bug 1230] Add a filter to the KS_TSK_Def form to remove child records if the task definition record is deleted from the Windows User Tool.

[Bug 1226] SYSTEM_DEFAULTS data set contains mappings to to display only fields and to fields that don't exist on KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base

[Bug 1209] Change the HTML so that the AnswerCheckbox class is associated to the input tag for a checkbox question.

[Bug 1191] The Web Server URL field on both Manager Consoles is too short.

[Bug 1190] Assignee Group is set as a permission group, but is not on the join form

[Bug 1183] Simple Data Requests intermittently hang or get stuck when using Internet Explorer

[Feature 1182] Add Ability to Pass Priority in Email Messages

[Feature 1181] Ability to open images in the same window, not a new window

[Bug 1159] Viewing style properties works differently in ARS 7.5 than in previous versions

[Bug 1157] Modify filters that generate HTML code to be XHTML compliant

[Bug 1148] Incorrect Attributes pushed for CustomerSurvey_ImportExport

[Bug 1146] Javascript error in Internet Explorer when closing Request Details from the home page

[Feature 1145] The response from a Simple Data Request does not encode all xml entities correctly.

[Bug 1144] File upload page returns an javascript error on IE

[Feature 1143] Externalize template cloning so it uses the web application instead of Remedy workflow

[Feature 1142] Lengthen the Attachment File Types field

[Bug 1140] When Survey Templates are deleted checkbox children are sometimes left behind

[Feature 1139] Turn Events On and Off

[Bug 1138] Importing Checkbox Questions Creates Duplicate Records

[Bug 1135] Message templates on the Notifications tab

[Bug 1133] Updating checkbox answers that are answer mapped is not updating the data properly in the mapped field

[Bug 1130] Answer mapping not clearing out if answer is removed

[Feature 1128] Improve performance for Dynamic List questions that only need to be displayed as read only

[Bug 1125] Not all tasks cloned when more than two levels of dependent tasks

[Bug 1124] The default login.jsp page doesn't display the background color all the way down the page.

[Feature 1123] Add a property to the KD.utils.ClientManager javascript object that references the context path for the web application.

[Feature 1122] Allow pre-defined client side events the option to query Remedy using the getEntry api method.

[Bug 1121] Task workflow is kicked off when an answer is changed in the submission manager, and then the save button is clicked.

[Bug 1120] Scoring is retriggered when a user refreshes the browser on a confirmation page.

[Bug 117] Chinese character causing error with answer viewer LRFTC function

[Bug 1112] Chunking on Exeption Table on the Configuration Manager not in sync with the text below the table

[Bug 1111] Images on service items load from the service item's default web server, not the web server the request is coming from.

[Bug 1110] Change Field Active Links with No Associated Field

[Bug 1108] Sometimes javascript alert messages appear on the AdminConsole

[feature 1106] Increase the Fire Event If from 255 to at least 1000

[Bug 1105] Dialog Typo

[Bug 1100] Full Check Box Answer not able to be Answer Mapped to an Attribute

[Bug 1099] Modifying a Batch Integration Requires you to Resave the Schedule Record

[Bug 1098] Deleting Batch Integrations does not delete the ACC_Schedule Record

[Bug 1097] Active Link Scripts - only pass 5 attributes

[Feature 1092] Ability to track which poller/task processes a task

[Bug 1091] Batch Integrations for Kinetic Request do not work.

[Bug 1090] Display List Appearing if more than one Script on a Form

[Bug 1088] Unable to create events - Oracle Error

[Feature 1086] Update Installer for 7.5

[Bug 1082] Cannot delete questions when field map value is > 128

[Feature 1081] Evaluate ARAPI Connection Pooling

[Feature 1079] Make the element reorder process faster.

[Bug 1078] The originalValue attribute does not work properly on questions if the question value contains a '>' symbol.

[Feature 1077] Changing the Event after the Event is Created

[Feature 1076] Event for Insert Remove + Required Optional

[Bug 1073] Schedule Time for Batch integrations not always displaying on schedule dialog

[Feature 1070] Remove template requirements for Import/Export of forms

[Feature 1069] Add the option to clone events on elements other than pages when using the Copy from Existing functionality

[Bug 1068] Add hidden public permissions to more forms.

[Bug 1036] Copy Page Element

[Bug 1035]  validate fields for checkboxes

[Bug 1029] Approvers not showing in task detail after clicking 'more...' link from the launcher

[Bug 1027] Not displaying correct Message Templates for Resend

[Feature 1018] Add set to null option for set fields external event if no records returned

[Feature 1016] Ability to update Pattern matching across all template|questions

[Bug 1000] Completed Single Survey Report error

[Bug 999] Long path\file names an issue when uploading attachments to questions

[Bug 997] List values with apostraophe not appearing during approval mode

[Bug 992] Question marks, and possibly other characters need to be URI encoded for uploaded files.

[Feature 991] Add a helper javascript function to indicate if a checkbox item is checked

[Bug 990] Table counter on Submission Manager not updating correctly

[Bug 980] Advanced Qualification Integration Manager on the Kinetic Survey

[Feature 970] Ability to clone Data Sets

[Bug 967] Menu Label duplicate if use Copy Existing functionality

[Bug 681] Pattern & Pattern Validation Text do not update

[Bug 638] Look into using more Zero length fields instead of 255, 4000 char limits

[Bug 635] People Without KS_SRV Permissions not able to run scripts that use categorization

[Bug 617] Notification Message sent on any modification

[Bug 616] Reporting with dates

[Feature 615] Add Date/Time format string to Dynamic List questions

[Bug 587] Apostrophe's in Message Templates Cause Errors when Sending Emails

[Feature 573] Increase the field size limit on patterns so regular expressions can be written longer than 255 characters.

[Bug 510] SYSTEM_DEFAULTS has fields that don't exist

[Bug 504] I have tons of completely blank audit fields in Kinetic Audits

[feature 458] Include option to fire onChange events when a setQuestionValue fires

[Feature 454] Display warning for field mappings when task destination form changes.

[Feature 443] Different handling of errors on field mapping

[Bug 442] Selection list pops up - when shouldn't

[Feature 436] Add a rule for integrations that delays sending the survey for a number of hours

[Feature 422] Attachment dialog has too many fields

[Feature 421] Raw forms should have decent results lists

[Feature 413] Update the Javascript documentation and include some examples.

[Feature 406] Service Catalog Styles

[Feature 379] HTML ID option not available for pages when creating styles

[Feature 347] Streamline the element table on the Pages tab in Survey Author & Service Catalog Consoles

[Bug 319] Setting a service catalog available category status to Inactive does not remove it from the launcher

[Feature 316] beforeSubmit should allow question selections

[Feature 305] Add Saved Search capability to the Submission Console

[Bug 290] Trying to open multiple windows quickly from the portal can throw an exception

[Feature 242] Make the service item/survey template URL easier to manage

[Bug 226] Duplicate Service Item Names in Add Fields for Msg Templates

[Feature 223] Time & Date Time widget

[Bug 216] Check box answers not displaying in the same order in Answer Viewer as on the Template

[Bug 131] On the 'Submissions' tab of the Consoles, when you delete a request or after a Resend a request, the table refreshes, but the chunking information doesn't.

[Bug 129] Mapping Sources under Integration Manager under Data Sets display multiples of the same name

[Bug 122] The Tab order should be set correctly for all views.

[Bug 119] Web services do not have the correct field mappings and/or field properties configured.

Chapter 6                           Changes Implemented In 4.4.1

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic SR version 4.4.1



[Bug 631]  Existing answers to questions were not being displayed correctly when clicking the previous page button, or when viewing an uncompleted approval.

[Bug 636] When many fields are mapped in a ‘Get External’ client-side event, a SQL truncation error message may occur.  We increased the Parameters_Left and Parameters_Right fields to unlimited length on KS_SRV_ContextEvents.

[Bug 714] If you have a dynamic default on page two of a template that depends on a value from page one as part of it's qualification (for example - page one asks for a customer ID, and page to uses the ID t display name/email/phone), it only works the first time you visit the page.  If page two has a back button and you go back to page one and change the answer, and then back to page two - the dynamic default will not fire.

[Feature 735] Add Unicode support to the web application.

[Bug 746] Misspelling on Error Message 981.  The text should read: "Service Catalog, Visible To Group, Management Group, Status, Catalog Description, Web Server URL, and Display Page must be populated before saving the service catalog."

[Bug 764] When re-opening an event that was added to an image, the information about the event is missing.

[Bug 765] Tab order through fields on the question dialog is not in an intuitive order.

[Bug 766] Incorrect syntax created for text area elements.  Any time a a textarea is used, the underlying code that is generated is missing a single quote in the cols=value.

[Bug 767] The specified TCP port is used when exporting survey templates or service items on a 7+ server.  The application tries to use port 0.

[Bug 768] A method introduced in Java SE 1.5 was used in a logging statement.  Changed to use a similar method that is compatible with Java SE 1.4.

[Bug 773] Unable to add attachments to Notifications.

[Bug 801] Web Messages do not render the surveyMessage.jsp page.  The package name for the UserContext bean changed, and needs to be updated in this JSP.

[Bug 805] The current limit of 4000 characters outdated for today's updated web servers.  Updated this value to 16000 characters.

[Bug 880] Cloning a page does not fix all instance Ids in the content events form.

[Bug 881] Rename the InstanceID field name on form KS_SRV_StyleApplied to instanceId to be consistent with all the other forms in the application.

[Bug 886] Import fails if a template contains elements with a blank space in the style class field.

[Feature 887] Introduced a new action keyword that will prevent a new page with default styles to automatically be created when a new template is created.  To use this feature, set the _ActionOne field to “DO_NOT_FIRE” when creating the template.

[Bug 912] Unable to Modify Attachment when template status is Active.  Even after clicking the ‘Allow Modification’ button, the attachment cannot be modified.

[Bug 943] Dependent drop down lists do not work when viewing submitted answers.

[Bug 945] Some task record poller information is still being sent to the main application log file.  This should all be routed to the poller log file.

[Bug 954] Users receive a No Match Error when selecting a mapping source on the Integration Manager Data Set tab.

[Bug 955] File attachment doesn’t work when enforce file types is used and file contains multiple periods.

[Bug 956] The allMyRequests.jsp partial on the Sithco IT Service Catalog has two problems: 1.) under the closed approval tab, the wrong KSR# displays (it is not showing the original KSR#).  2.) Closed or completed approval submissions still show the hyperlink.

[Bug 957] Receiving a unique index error when cloning a template from one catalog to another catalog.

[Bug 960] Copying a page into a template doesn’t copy any of the events associated with a question.

[Bug 964] Attribute 59 does not display when viewing the submitted survey/request details.

[Bug 965] Mouse Out and Mouse Over events do not work.  This corresponding records in KS_SRV_Element_Event_Mapping need to be changed to “mouseout” and “mouseover” respectively.

[Feature 966] Create a generic form that contains fields of all the data types that can be used as an intermediate data holding form.  The form is called KS_SRV_Helper, and contains the following fields:

12 - Character fields – 255 characters length

2 - Character fields – unlimited length

7 - Date fields

7 - Time fields

7 - Date/Time fields

6 - Integer fields

6 - Display-Only character fields

1 - attachment pool

3 - attachment fields

SurveyInstanceID – to be linked to the template record

CustomerSurveyInstanceID – to be linked to the base record






Chapter 7                           Changes Implemented in 4.4

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic SR version 4.4



[Bug 53] The task form name on a cloned task shows the original Request form, not the cloned one.

[Feature 62] Add a Windows shortcut to the Sithco IT Launcher on the Start à Programs à Kineti SR menu.

[Bug 69] In the sample Sithco IT Catalog, the requester info is cleared when the sample opens on an approval.

[Feature 73] Add more css class “helpers” into the menu when creating a style class.

[Bug 79] Clear Previous answers not working.  Answers are not cleared on page going forward.

[Feature 82] Change the way requests are passed between servlets:  use redirect instead of forward.

[Feature 84] Increase the field size in Advanced Reporting (Survey and Request) so that queries larger than 255 characters could be created.

[Feature 87] When cloning a Template or Service Item, check for duplicate name before process begins.

[Bug 88] Page submit/previous button styles are not actually applied to the <input type=”button”> tag.

[Bug 93] Better handling of errors in message templates.

[Feature 96] Allow field values to be included/parsed in the custom header content (advanced tab).

[Bug 101] Authors can create Text elements/sections with the same labels as questions.

[Bug 103] Cannot put double quote in Service Item Description.

[Feature 104] Want the ability to say an AJAX call is asynch or sync.  There are times you want to block before continuing, like doing a set fields on “before submit”.

[Feature 105] Easily set initial display of an element: Displayed, Hidden, Removed

[Feature 108] Previous and Next buttons should be aligned if they both exist.

[Feature 109] Would like a fire event called “Page is New”

[Feature 117] Add a way to clear the date field so that the default value is removed, and nothing is submitted when a page is submitted.

[Bug 121] When creating a branching on a page -- if you do not give a description - and click save - nothing happens. Should say - description is required.

[Feature 132] import should tell you if you are going to be overwriting anything - or is this a new. This could be dangerous.

[Feature 133] In request admin console -- ability to "delete now" for pending deletes of templates.

[Bug 135] Maintaining a set Fields action.  Attempting to delete multiple items doesn't work.

[Bug 136] Deleting mappings items for a Task.  Using the Shift select to select multiple items for deleting does not work. The multiple selection is possible, however the delete functionality doesn't work properly.

[Feature 137] Should have the ability to place event actions in order

[Feature 140] Separate View/Complete Button into two

[Feature 144] Add Display attribute to editor:  Display None, Display Inline, Display Block

[Bug 147] When a template is in Active status. You are able to double click to view an element. But the save button and some items (depending on the element) are editable.  This can allow save or changes to occur.

[Bug 148] Checkbox questions currently make all checkboxes required.  It actually should be one of the X checkboxes is required.  This would require a change in the js and Java.

[Bug 205] Pattern Validation Issues w/Firefox.

[Bug 206] Typing in a default value on an attachment question will throw an error on submit.

[Feature 218] Ability to set qualifications as "All" or "None"

[Bug 238] Sample Sithco login page needs hidden authentication field for External Auth

[Feature 250] Include Tomcat manager/admin app in our install

[Feature 255] Improved Web-side Logging

[Feature 258] Simplify Properties setup

[Feature 263] Ability to set which columns are visible & column order in Set-Fields External

[Feature 268] Ability to do archiving easier for submitted requests

[Feature 268] Ability to do archiving easier for submitted requests

[Feature 273] Consolidate Admin pages into Admin Console

[Bug 281] Make Hide/Show & Insert/Remove behave the same w/field values

[Bug 292] Image attachments do not import with template

[Bug 302] Ongoing issues with "Connected from another machine" Remedy errors.

[Feature 312] Add ability to "lock" a service item/survey

[Bug 336] When using the previous button option on approvals, modified answers are being reverted back to the original survey/request answers.

[Feature 341] Add ability to Add Fields in the Subject of Message Templates

[Bug 342] Installer needs to check if Tomcat shutdown port is already used.

[Feature 364] Prompt for new Template name when cloning existing template

[Bug 384] Permissions Issues around Submission/Manager Groups

[Feature 386] Consolidate SSO/External Auth functionality into a single class to be extended

[Bug 387] Do Not Score check box not displaying correctly on the Element Dialog

[Bug 389] Authentication String is in the login page, but nothing is done with it when creating the context.

[Bug 395] Logout returns to a single point - by default the Sithco IT Catalog

[Bug 396] Problem copying existing elements

[Feature 398] On "Add Existing Elements" for pages-include Events in clone process

[Bug 403] Deleted service items show up in Catalog Modifier

[Bug 404] Apostrophe's in List Menu values get substituted as %27 when used in Internal Set Fields actions.

[Feature 405] Add Flex License/Info to 3rd Party Licenses file

[Bug 409] Exceptions shouldn't log the user out

[Bug 411] Add a 'Close' button on the Event Dialog for "Custom" action events

[Bug 426] Incorrect default Help Button link url in Survey/Request

[Bug 428] Search Category and Search Type

[Feature 429] Required Fields Missing box

[Feature 430] Easier re-authentication when session times out

[Feature 431] Task Manager Display Last Run Time and Number of Tasks touched in Admin Console

[Bug 432] KS_SRV_SurveyTemplateAttrInstance_join should be an Outer join

[Feature 433] Consolidate YUI libraries

[Feature 438] Display Name For URL to be addable to Text elements

[Feature 440] Add an argument to CatalogUtils.showSelectedRequests() to handle a paramString

[Feature 441] Add ability to CatalogUtils.getAllMyRequests to use a different partial

[Bug 444] Script Integrations from Remedy mid-tier showing in a Web view of the KS_SRV_SurveyLoad_Dialog

[Bug 445] When Deleting Requests Task table not refreshing on submission console

[Bug 452] Field Errors When Opening Some Forms

[Bug 453] Message Templates always setting field 112 to Public

[Bug 457] Select (menu) fields do not always resize correctly in IE when an empty menu is attached

[Bug 473] Unique index errors shouldn't stop the import process in all situations.

[Bug 477] Category Field Length

[Bug 479] Service Catalog dialog window title

[Bug 480] Make the character attribute field 4000 characters on KS_RQT_Manager

[Feature 482] Add a utility js function to retrieve the parameters from the URL

[Feature 483] Add an additional helper to the question events "If" qualifications for easier load handling

[Feature 486] Add "Create Date" to the KS_SRV_CustomerSurveyQuestionAnswerJoin

[Bug 488] Add unique index to instanceId on a couple forms.

[Bug 499] The Internal Notes field missing from a Join Form

[Bug 500] Field Map Number field on the element dialog form has wrong attributes

[Bug 502] Typing a ' causes a problem in a text field question

[Feature 507] Change Task Poller from a web service application to a thread managed by the Kinetic SR application.

[Bug 517] Internal Notes cannot be updated from midtier web view on Submission Console.

[Bug 523] When importing questions that have choices the choices are generating ContentsHTML records when they aren't supposed to

[Bug 527] Calendar date picker icon not disabling

[Bug 530] Changing page type does not clean up PageBranchingOptions records

[Bug 537] File upload fails with a miserable error if no file was selected, but the user clicks the Upload button

[Feature 545] Method to set info from last approval into next approval instead of just info from Customer Survey base

[Bug 558] Submission Manager Console Menus not using Submission Assignee Group in Template Menu

[Bug 563] KS_SRV_CustomerSurveyResults_join needs to have public (hidden) permissions

[Bug 564] Cloning dynamic text

[Bug 566] Set-External Event not creating Simple Data Request Record

[Bug 568] Apostrophe in a field mapping causes event to fail

[Bug 571] Active Link Integration Window Closes when you select Cancel after attempting to close it

[Bug 572] The Label Justify selection box in the page editor has some display quirks

[Bug 574] Getting a Remedy "Required Field' error when saving a Set Fields External event without a qualification

[Bug 575] Incorrect or incomplete results if you click the View or Complete buttons on the Manger console without selecting a submission first

[Bug 576] duplicate children in menu for checkbox questions for template that was copied to a different catalog

Chapter 8                           Changes Implemented in

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic SR version



[Bug 78]  Web component information servlet needs to look at the entire classpath to find loaded jars, not just the Kinetic SR web application.

[Bug 80]  When using the previous button option, answers are being cleared from the display of a survey/request.

Feature [287]  Bettter handling of java.lang.Errors.  Currently the application only catches Exceptions, it also needs to catch Throwables.

[Bug 296]  Passwords are showing up in exception logs.

[Bug 298]  List questions that are populated with a menu do not show the selected answer on the approval.

[Bug 299]  Attribute 41 is not showing on the Submission Console.

[Bug 309]  Remedy Dates not formatting from Message Templates.

[Bug 315]  If a form is renamed in Remedy and has integrations associated with it, all tasks will break because they are still linked to the old form name.

[Bug 321]  When deleting requests, only the first task is deleted.

[Bug 322]  If a check box question is required, the form will freeze when submitted if no options have been selected.

[Bug 323]  The logs directory is not protected in some servlet containers.  Remove the security constraint, and replace with a servlet that redirects to a ‘not found’ page.

[Feature 332]  Add RelatedID to Task Details dialog that opens from the Request Submission Console.

[Bug 333]  Red ‘Required’ question labels don’t always reset after a valid answer has been filled in.

[Bug 335]  Mapping a date field and a Time string to a Date/Time field via tasks doesn’t work.

Bug [349]  Replace all non-Unicode Remedy functions with their Unicode equivalents:  LEFT, RIGHT, etc…  replaced with LEFTC, RIGHTC, etc…

[Bug 362]  If a survey template is not selected on the Submission Console, and the reports tab is clicked, an error message is displayed stating there is a qualification error.  Need to prompt the user to select a template.

[Bug 363]  Remove notifications tab for check box answer types as notifications from questions rely on a score, and a score is not possible with check box questions.

[Bug 365]  Open anonymous not saving template after changes made to some elements.  Whenever the open anonymous link is clicked, the survey template should be saved if any changes have occurred.

[Bug 378]  If a template name is changed on the Survey Manager or Request Manager consoles, the change is not pushed to KS_SRV_FormEventInstance.

[Bug 388]  Getting double ampersands in some SimpleDataRequest calls.  Doesn’t appear to be causing any problems, but the Tomcat logs do have messages saying: “Parameters: Invalid chunk ignored”.

[Bug 447] Copy existing element generates an error.  When copying an existing element into another template. She stated that she received an error referencing a value was out of range. When completed, elements were out of order, showing up in other pages and some with duplicate sort orders.

[Bug 478] The Request_Closed_Date field on KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base form is not being populated with the date once the request has been completed.  This field should be populated when all tasks have been completed.

Chapter 9                           Changes Implemented in

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic SR version



Fixed bug where a dynamic list question has a dynamic default, and the default form is different than the dynamic list form, the menu showing the fields for the dynamic default does not show the correct fields.  [Bug 57]

Fixed bug when a question’s menu value is “BASE”, this causes issues in some client side events.  Discovered in a “Set Fields” event.  [Bug 58]

Fixed permissions issue on the ‘Build Qualifications’ button on form KS_SRV_SimpleDataRequest.  [Bug 59]

Fixed bug where the ‘Visible to Group’ field was not being used by the web client correctly.  Authentication was working for the launcher page, but not individual service items.  [Bug 63]

Fixed bug on the template import process to check for existing template name before doing the import.  [Bug 65]

Fixed bug where users are receiving unique index errors when importing Surveys/Requests from one server to another.  This typically occurs after importing multiple templates.  [Bug 67]

Non alpha-numeric characters are not stripped from template names when doing an export.  [Bug 70]

Fixed bug when changing a list question from a radio button or list box to a check box, workflow is incorrectly setting the source form name of the child question records to the source field name.  [Bug 74]

Fixed bug in the authentication servlet so external authentication adapters can clear cookies properly.  [Bug 75]

Fixed bug where the global reporting console does not display the start/end dates when the selected report is a date range report.  [Bug 85]

Fixed bug when you create a list question as a check box and then later change it to a different type of list question such as a radio button, the orphaned child questions were still being cloned.  [Bug 89]

Fix bug on the Survey Overview Report so checkbox questions report correctly.  [Bug 91]

Fixed bug where deleted request templates still show up in the service catalog on the Request Console.  [Bug 120]

Fixed a bug where running a targeted survey would log out the user and generate an error.  [Bug 123]

Updated screenshots on page 163 of the Kinetic Request User Manual.  [Bug 130]

Fixed bug so web messages will work when a survey template’s status is set to inactive.  [Bug 154]

Fixed bug where rules for triggers are missing after importing a template.  [Bug 170]

Fixed bug in the documentation that stated the KS_SRV group id is 10195, but it really should be 10105.  [Bug 182]

Added a close button (X) in the upper right hand corner of the Page Editor dialog window.  If you are working on a computer with a screen resolution less than 1024x758 and you open the page editor, the close button on the bottom of the dialog displays off the bottom of the screen, and there is no way to access it.  [Bug 183]

Fix bug where deleting question choices from checkbox questions that share choices does not delete all of the child questions.  [Bug 184]

Fixed bug for the ‘Set Fields Return’ event so queries with no matches will display an alert message.  [Bug 185]

Fixed bug where radio button questions with only one answer choice cannot be set to null using client side events.  [Bug 187]

Fixed bug where the Notification tab is not visible when answer type is changed from NOT to list or numeric range.  This only happens if the question was saved as one style, and then changed to another.  [Bug 191]

Fixed bug when displaying message templates with the view/modify button from a notification, the mailbox name and the outgoing email address fields are blank.  [Bug 193]

Fixed bug where a carriage return placed in a set fields internal event causes other client side events to fail, and an error message on submit.  [Bug 194]

Fixed bug where integer answer types are not cleared on insert/remove events.  [Bug 202]

Fixed bug where numeric range – list question throws a JS error when the question is required.  [Bug 204]

Fixed bug where attachments that are too large were still putting the file name in the attachment field, but the attachment data was blank.  Fixed by clearing the file link as well as removing the file data.  [Bug 207]

Fixed bug in the web.xml file to set the SurveyInit servlet at 1.  [Bug 209]

Fixed bug in the web.xml file where xml nodes were in the wrong order.  This was not causing issues with Tomcat, but was with Jboss and SunOne.  [Bug 213]

Fixed bug where the qualification menu was not showing questions if the page was reordered.  [Bug 215]

Fixed a display bug when the Remedy server could not be accessed.  A ‘site down’ page was not displaying when it should.  [Bug 222]

Fixed a bug sending emails when AR Servers are configured in a server group environment.  The error message indicated an invalid value was being set in the AR System Form field on the AR System Email Messages form.  [Bug 233]

Fixed a bug in the List Manager where Kinetic Request message templates were not displayed in the drop-down selection list.  [Bug 235]

Fixed a bug in the List Manager application drop-down selection list to now use the KS_SRV_SurveyApplicationName menu instead of the CFG:Application menu.  [Bug 236]

Added client-side validation on date fields to ensure the value is a valid date.  Pattern matching only ensured the format was correct, it did not check the value.  Thus a value of 2008-02-30 was possible, now it is checked and deemed invalid.  [RFE 239]

Fixed a bug with the KD.utils.Actions.getQuestionValue() API method.  Some data types were returning incorrect results.  [Bug 241]

Fixed a bug when a survey page has been resubmitted (usually from the result of using the previous page button), previously submitted empty answers were not being deleted.  [Bug 245]

NOTE:  This bug fix applies to ARS Version 6.3 and greater.  There is a server-side table walk bug in ARS Version 6.0 that prevents this from working correctly.  In 6.0, the submitted answer value is correct, but if this result was viewed or used on an intermediate page, the answer value is not guaranteed to be correct.  This is no longer a problem with ARS 6.3 and greater.

Add SVN revision number and date to all JSP, JS, HTML, and CSS files.  [RFE 246]

Fixed a bug where javascript files that were added to a template as an attachment could not use functions in the KineticSR javascript files.  The solution was to include the attached javascript file after the other KineticSR javascript files.  [Bug 280]

Set the “Disable Change Flag” setting on all the integration fields on form: KS_SRV_IntegrationSample.  Now when these fields are copied to other forms, they won’t set the dirty flag when viewing records.  [Bug 288]


Chapter 10                      Changes Implemented in

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic SR version



Fixed issue for ARS 7.0+ users where the menu for the Report Type on the report manager was empty.  BMC changed the menu name used to query report types in version 7.0.

Fixed issue when a field has more than 255 characters and single quotes are part of those characters, it is still causing database errors when saved.  Again, this was happening because BMC changed the way ARS 7.0 processes single quotes in character fields before sending the value to the database.

Fixed issue when using the 'Clone to Current Catalog' option in the Catalog Dialog, the tasks were not being cloned.


Fixed issue when saving surveys/requests in the page editor, the user is getting a no match error.

Chapter 11                      Changes Implemented in

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic SR version



Fixed issue where forms in an IFRAME can get javascript security errors in IE.

Fixed issue on javascript events, need to trim leading and trailing whitespace from run if qualification before evaluating the expression.

Fixed issue, when installing 4.0.3 - the "KS_MSG_MESSAGE_RunFireActions_Guide" filter guide is missing many filters.  The filters exist, but the guide is no longer referencing some of them.

Fixed issue when message templates switch from Kinetic Request to Kinetic Survey and then no longer show up in the menu.  This happens if you create the Message Template while building a notification.  Shows up initially as Kinetic Survey.

Fixed issue where the Score/Possible Score field’s max value on KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base was set too low.  It was originally set to 1000, now is at 1000000.

Added the ability to automatically generate the html code to include a javascript file when a .js file is attached to a template.

Fixed issue, when you try to move the Submit button within the Page Editor and then save it you get the error:  There is an AR System error with the item you are working with…

Fixed issue for backup approver based on time does not work - appears that the workflow is missing.

Fixed issue if an approval question is on the second page of an approval instance, the subsequent approvals are being set as "Denied" because the approval filters are running on submission of the first page, and the "Approval Question" is not yet filled out.

Fixed issue where using the "name" parameter in the URL (/DisplayPage?name=ITcatalog) causes an error when the form is submitted, stating that the page cannot be found.

Fixed issue where KS_SRV_PageBranchingPath needs to have its fields permission change to add Public. If a user with no permission is working on a  multiple page template after validating through a Service Catalogue, attempts to click the Previous Page button. A permission error occurs.

Fixed issue where "Inactive" surveys/forms are not allowing submissions.  They should allow submissions by targeted (existing) instances, but not allow new submissions.

Added the ability to configure a common logout page.

Fixed issue where logging out from the SubmitPage servlet would return an error stating the page could not be displayed.  This fix relies on the existence of the ‘Logout Return Page’ configuration item.