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Kinetic Response provides a REST API to interact with the application.  Among other things, the API allows source applications the ability to list, create and update issues, add messages and more.


All of the web methods in the REST API v1 can be accessed from the same base route.

API base route:



The route to the API is a standard HTTP URL, which consists of the protocol (http:// or https://), the server DNS name or IP address, the port number if the default port is not used, the web application context (default is kinetic-task), and then the API base route.


Example URL:

We encourage all organizations to use HTTPS protocol for all API interactions.  For Kinetic Response instances hosted by Kinetic Data, HTTPS is required.

Authentication & Authorization

Kinetic Response uses a OAuth to authenticate and authorize users.  This means that all authentication is done in two steps:

1. A client creates a new session by passing in their credentials to /api/v1/sessions.  A number of tokens are returned via JSON along with the User object for the session.  The primary token required is the auth_token.  

2. This auth_token is then passed along on subsequent requests via an Authorization header.  The format of the authorization value is: Bearer <auth_token> (Bearer 704f5beb2e0c46cbcfe20a6992ce16e410c4f5af335b5d9353f647370eb5ef2).

More details on the session method and other interactions can be found in the Session resource documentation.


The Postman application (available as an app in Google Chrome - is a great way to learn about and work with an existing API.  We use Postman extensively during our development.  We've included all of our Kinetic Response web interactions listed here in a Postman collection you can grab and work with yourself.

Download the Kinetic Response Postman Collection

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.57.13 AM.png

Screenshot of Postman and the Kinetic Response collection

Web Methods

The following web methods are available in the REST API v1.  Each web method documents the request method and parameters it expects, and the response format with a a list of possible response codes.


API Resource Description
Sessions Login to your Kinetic Response server.
Issues List, create and update Issues.
Messaging List and create Messages and System messages.
Facts/Unknowns List, create and update Facts and Unknowns for a specific issue.
Action Items List, create and update Action Items for a specific issue.
Uploads / Images Upload files, download files and thumbnails
Users / Invitations / Participants Create users and update profile information