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While Kinetic Response provides a full REST API to interact with the application, an organization often just wants a simple way to create (or find) a Response issue related to another system and invite people with one step.  We've provided this link and some examples below to use this functionality.


When Kinetic Response receives the appropriate URL (GET) it interrogates the incoming parameters.  If it finds the originating reference then it opens that issue.  If it does not it find the ref, then it creates a new record.  This allows an external system to have a button or link to create OR view a related Kinetic Response issue without having to store anything on that originating system.  


Using the URL below as the base you will pass in parameters to create or lookup an issue based on an external reference:


URL Route Parameters

This method requires only one route parameter, which is the name of the issue to create.  Append other parameters to the URL in order to more fully define the Response issue to be created.


Route Parameter Name Description Required / Optional
name The name to give the new issue required (for creates)
tags A list of comma-separated tags to add to the issue optional

A reference to the originating system.  This is typically a system name plus an id or a URL to the originating record.  This data should be URL encoded.


owner An email address of the issue owner. An owner must be an existing Host or Admin user.  If none is given the creator of the issue will be used.   optional
invitees A comma-separated list of email addresses of people that should be invited to the issue. optional


Example URL,critical&,,

Authentication & Authorization

A user of this link will be required to login to the application and must have 'Host' or 'Admin' permissions in order to create the issue.



Kinetic Data uses for customer support issues via its Cases module.  We've added a button to the case to allow our support team to easily create/lookup a related Kinetic Response issue.  


This button uses some simple available Javascript functions to grab the case owner, primary contact and case URL and assemble the link to Kinetic Response.   Besides adding the button and this Javascript, no other customization is needed for the form.

What Happens

The first time the button is pressed, this case information is passed to Kinetic Response including the case URL passed in as the 'ref' parameter.  

Subsequent button clicks use the same URL, but Kinetic Response finds the existing issue related to the Salesforce case based on the ref (case URL).